Campus Leadership

Photo of Mr. R. Ross Fales
Mr. R. Ross Fales
President Administration
  • Rutgers University – B.S.
  • Seton Hall University – M.A.
Photo of Mr. Neil Begley
Mr. Neil Begley
Principal Administration
  • U.S. Military Academy – B.S.
  • Seton Hall University – M.Ed.
Photo of Mr. Sean Nunan
Mr. Sean Nunan
Associate Principal, Academic Affairs Administration, English
  • Rutgers University – B.A.
  • Seton Hall University – M.A.
Photo of Mrs. Maureen Szablewski
Mrs. Maureen Szablewski
Associate Principal, Student Affairs Administration
  • Rutgers University – B.A.
  • Seton Hall University – M.A.
Photo of Mr. David Villeta
Mr. David Villeta
Dean of Students Administration
  • Princeton University – BA
  • Georgetown University – MA
  • Trinity University (Washington, DC) – MSA
Photo of Mr. Matthew Meehan
Mr. Matthew Meehan
Director of Mission Integration Campus Ministry, Theology
Photo of Mr. Michael Mazzaccaro
Mr. Michael Mazzaccaro
Director of Athletics Athletics, History
Photo of Mrs. Jennifer Maccarella
Mrs. Jennifer Maccarella
Director of Enrollment Management Admissions
Photo of Mr. Patrick Brennan
Mr. Patrick Brennan
Director of School and College Counseling School and College Counseling
Photo of Mr. William Attardi
Mr. William Attardi
Director of Advancement Advancement
Photo of Mr. Brendan McLoughlin
Mr. Brendan McLoughlin
Director of Finance/Business Manager Business Office
Photo of Mr. Jason Lutz
Mr. Jason Lutz
Director of Marketing & Communications Communications, Business & Technology
Photo of Mr. Bernard Arnella
Mr. Bernard Arnella
Director of Plant and Facilities Maintenance