Computer Science Department

  • (0550) Robotics

    Description coming soon.

  • (0610) Freshman Computer Seminar

    A course meant to introduce incoming students to the technology environment at CBA, and to ensure at least a minimum common level of competence using the software that is available for student use at CBA. Emphasis will be on using technology to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing. This course meets two times/cycle for the full year and is graded Pass/Fail. (2 Credits)

  • (068S) Media Marketing and Broadcast Journalism

    In the Media, Marketing & Broadcasting course, students will strategically interpret, plan and design different forms of mass media; design basic digital graphics for online use; understand how to effectively promote a brand or organization both online and on campus; conduct solo and tandem on-camera broadcast segments; understand jounralistic writing principles as it pertains to online content creation. (2.5 Credits)

  • (624H) Introduction To Computer Science – Honors

    This course will introduce topics in computer science with a strong emphasis on computer programming. Other topics will include number/switching theory, and game design. ICS-H is an excellent preparation for the Advanced Placement Computer Science course and is recommended for those interested in scientific, mathematic or technical majors. This course meets five times/cycle for one semester. Departmental approval is required. (2 Credits)

  • (624S) Introduction to Computer Science

    This course will survey topics in computer science. Topics will include networking, HTML (web-page layout), computer logic, and the history and uses of technology. All topics are presented with an emphasis on real-world applicability. This course meets 5 times/cycle for one semester. (2 Credits)

  • (642A) Advanced Placement Computer Science

    This course will prepare students to take the AP Computer Science Exam, as prescribed by the College Board. The College Board mandates the use of Java as the language platform. This course meets six times/cycle for two semesters. Each student is required to take the AP Exam to satisfy the course requirements. Admission is by special application. (5 Credits)


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