Performing Arts

  • (064H) Popular American Music

    This course is intended to help students think creatively and critically about popular music. We will examine the most significant styles of American music in chronological order, beginning with roots in Minstrelsy: Stephen Foster, Brass Bands, Tin Pan Alley, Ragtime, Dance Music, Jazz Craze, Blues, Early Country Music, The Swing Era, Big Bands, Country Western Music, Rock and Roll, British Invasion, Motown, etc. through the present day.
    We will explore several recurring themes throughout the course including: the interaction of European American, African American, and Latin American traditions; the influence of mass media and technology (printing, recording, radio, video, internet); and the role of popular music as a symbol of identity (race, class, gender generation). The course will enhance enjoyment and understanding of the music students already know, as well as introduce them to less familiar styles and genres. They will develop critical listening skills and become more informed consumers and producers of music. (5 Credits)

  • (065S) Survey of Music

    This class is designed to allow students to gain an increased appreciation of all music. This class seeks to enhance students’ knowledge of music as a common thread and allow them to increase their potential for self-expression by giving them access to new terminology.

    Students will be taught to distinguish the basic traits that differentiate the periods of western music; they will learn the technical vocabulary of music and basic notions of music theory, and they will explore in detail the genres and forms that have evolved in the different periods and the stylistic changes that occur in each of these era:Baroque period (1600 to 1750), Classical period (1750 to 1820), Romantic period (1820 to 1900), and Twentieth Century and beyond (1900 to 2012). (5 Credits)

  • (066S) Jazz Ensemble

    This elective, which meets during period zero three times per cycle, is for active members of the jazz ensemble and focuses on practice for the ensembles performances during the year. (3 Credits)

  • (067S) Introduction to Theatrical Arts

    Introduction to Theatrical Arts is an overview course covering everything from the history of theatre to acting styles to proper production. Students will be introduced to various styles of theater which will inspire them to create some component of a theatrical production. Some may choose to act, others may choose to direct others, some may create scenery, etc. The class will collaborate to put their ideas together and produce a showcase at the end of the year. This hands on approach will allow students to further their skills in their creative interests, further understand what it takes to produce an event, and gain managerial skills that can be used many real life situations. (2.5 Credits)


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