Performing Arts

At CBA, we offer a dynamic performing arts program through which students can develop their true creative capabilities. Elective classes in both music and theater allow our students to explore interests outside of the standard classroom setting. A required sophomore music class is also part of our curriculum.


(060S) Music Appreciation

This is a required course for all sophomore students at CBA. This class seeks to explore the fundamental concepts of music. Students will develop a vocabulary and acquire the skills necessary to become “active listeners”. This course explores all styles of music from classical to modern, as well as introduces world music genres to learn how other societies make music. (1 credit)

(060H) Honors Music History

In this senior elective, students expand deeper into the study of music from a historical standpoint. We will start at the earliest point of ancient music and continue to 21st century music history. This class will develop a student’s understanding of important composers, places, and events in the world’s musical timeline. (5 credits)

(062S) Acting and Public Speaking

Acting and Public Speaking is an elective course. In this class, students will lose their fear of speaking in front of groups and will be given the tools to perform a piece of theater, scripted or improv’d. They will also learn how to plan, research, compose, practice and deliver speeches. The class will cover basic theater and speaking terminology as well as etiquette and critiquing skills. Through the study of the process of communication, students will become better speakers and learners. Students will study mass media; perform scenes from plays; act out skits; debate each other; read dramatically, deliver speeches and communicate using every type of communication from verbal through non-verbal. Students will be expected to (after instruction) observe, listen, mime, memorize, speak in front of a group, deliver a scene, and participate in acting exercises and games. (2.5 credits)

(063A) AP Music Theory

The AP Music Theory course corresponds to one or two semesters of a typical introductory college music theory course that covers topics such as musicianship, theory, musical materials, and procedures. Musicianship skills, including dictation and other listening skills, sight singing, and harmony, are considered an important part of the course. Through the course, students develop the ability to recognize, understand, and describe basic and advanced materials and processes of tonal music that are heard or presented in a score. (5 credits)

(066S) Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble is open to any and all instrumentalists enrolled in classes at CBA. We will be exploring all styles of music- Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin, and Big Band- with a focus on performance, improvisation, and composition. In recent years, this ensemble has performed in Cleveland, Ohio, Washington, DC, and Nashville, Tennessee in venues such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and as part of the Grand Ole Opry Pre-Show. In addition the group competes at various events throughout the state. Jazz Ensemble is a class that meets BEFORE school three days per cycle and appears on your transcript. (3 Credits)

(067S) Introduction to Theatrical Arts

Introduction to Theatrical Arts is an overview course covering everything from the history of theatre to acting styles to proper production. Students will be introduced to various styles of theater which will inspire them to create some component of a theatrical production. Some may choose to act, others may choose to direct others, some may create scenery, etc. The class will collaborate to put their ideas together and produce a showcase at the end of the year. This hands on approach will allow students to further their skills in their creative interests, further understand what it takes to produce an event, and gain managerial skills that can be used many real life situations. (2.5 Credits)

(06CS) Jazz Combo

Jazz Combo is an advanced music ensemble comprised of 8-10 students. This group explores high-level music of various styles and focuses on improvisation and ear-training to help guide rehearsals. Jazz Combo often performs at private events and competitions throughout the state. This ensemble is by audition only and students must be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade to apply. Jazz Ensemble is a class that meets BEFORE school three days per cycle and appears on your transcript. (3 credits)


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