Summer Assignment: AP Art History


    1. Please watch the following films in preparation for next year’s class. 
  • Monuments Men
  • Exit through the Gift Shop
  • Who the Bleep is Jackson Pollock?
  • The Lost Leonardo
  1. Although each of these films are very, very, different in subject matter and scope, they address common themes in art. Please consider these guiding questions as you watch all the films:
    1. What makes art valuable? Who is responsible for assigning value? 
    2. Why does art matter? It’s just pictures, right? 
    3. Who should have access to art? Is “art” still “art” if it is never seen by anyone?
    4. Does valuable art have to be pretty?
    5. Which film interested you the most? Why?
    6. What are 5 questions you have about art after viewing the films?
  2. The guiding questions are designed to help you prepare for the start of the year. Formal completion of questions and notes taken on the movie may help you in a future assignment or assessment. Watching the films is necessary for success on this assignment.
  3. Good luck. Enjoy. Have a wonderful summer.