Colt PLUS Application & Fees

Application Process & Fees

All students interested in the Colt PLUS program must also follow the traditional CBA application process. Due to the individual instruction time and accommodations associated with this program, there are additional fees above and beyond the CBA tuition.

  • Entrance Exam – Fee $75 *extra time may be granted if an existing educational plan is shown to the Learning Consultant prior to the exam. This must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the Entrance Exam in order to be considered.
  • CBA Online Application – No Fee
  • Colt PLUS Secondary Application with supporting documentation. – Fee $50
  • In-depth individual admission testing conducted by the Learning Consultant including a student interview – Fee $450

English & Skills Development Class

*Starting in the Academic Year and continuing several weeks into the summer. The summer portion is a required element of the program*

  • Freshman Year Fee – $1,500
  • Sophomore Year Fee – $1,500
  • Junior and Senior Year – no additional fee