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Class Rep Program

Connect, engage, and stay informed with our Class Rep Program, where a dedicated alumni from each graduating year takes on the vital role of liaison between the school and our esteemed alumni community. Your Class Rep ensures you're always in the loop about upcoming events, exciting developments, and unique opportunities to reconnect and contribute. Embrace the spirit of lifelong connection and make the most of your alumni network through the invaluable support of your Class Rep.

Class Rep Program

Day of Service

On October 7th, the Alumni Association showcased its commitment to service with significant monetary donations to the Brother Frank Byrne dining hall, and volunteered our time to Rising Treetops, a camp for people with special needs in Oakhurst. Click here to register for next year’s Day of Service.

Class Reunions

Each class is encouraged to hold their annual reunions during reunion week, Thanksgiving week. Contact your class rep for information.

Classes celebrating their 1st, 25th, and 50th reunions are run in conjunction with the advancement office.


The Challenge Coin

A 50th Reunion Tradition

Rooted in military tradition, the challenge coin has found a deep significance at CBA. Serving as a symbol of unity and commitment, each graduating class receives a coin from the class that graduated 50 years prior. The challenge? To return, five decades later, passing on their coins to the class 50 years their junior. This enduring ritual binds generations of CBA alumni, underscoring our unwavering dedication to connection and community, and reinforcing the timeless bonds that define the CBA spirit. Join us in celebrating this tradition that bridges the past, present, and future of our brotherhood.

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