Alumni Funded Projects

Here’s couple of the home improvement projects funded in part by our alumni, and those in progress.

O’Shea Martin Tennis Pavillion

Named in honor of CBA tennis coaching legends, John O’Shea and Br. Patrick Martin, the new pavilion features a record board, shaded benches and Adirondack chairs for spectators, and dedicated parking area. A mid-court platform provides parents, teammates and friends a unique viewing experience like nowhere else in the Shore Conference. The Sullivan Courts has been resurfaced and fitted with new wind screens to ensure the best conditions for our team.

Dr. George Sheehan Outdoor Track and Statue

Unveiling the state of the art Dr. George Sheehan Track alongside a dignified statue, we pay homage to a foundational figure, encapsulating his indelible legacy at CBA and continually inspiring our athletes to chase excellence with every stride.

Brother Frank Byrne Dining Hall

The Brother Frank Byrne Dining Hall, boasting a 40% larger space, alongside Dolly’s Kitchen, ushers in enhanced dining and event experiences, with modern facilities like a 100-inch projection screen and a diversified, healthy menu for our Academy men.

Benilde Hall

Embracing tradition with a modern touch, the rejuvenated Benilde Hall soon unveils as CBA’s new Admissions Welcome Center and Business Office, featuring sleek offices, conference rooms, and a dynamic space for engaging admissions presentations, symbolizing a warm welcome and a promising journey ahead for aspiring Academy men.

O’Gara Montedoro Rugby Field

Soar over the O’Gara-Montedoro Fields, the newfound heartland of CBA Rugby, and immerse in the rich 12-year legacy that has seen nearly 500 CBA athletes charging through its turf. Beyond a mere game, discover a thriving community where the rugby spirit binds both current athletes and hundreds of CBA alumni, showcasing an enduring bond emblematic of the CBA Rugby family.