Get Involved


There is always a need for enthusiastic CBA Alumni willing to donate their time and talent for the betterment of the Academy, and there are several programs where you can actively contribute.

Become a Class Representative

Join 90+ Academy graduates who serve their class years as Alumni Class Reps. Help Alumni Relations reach out to your classmates and join us at exclusive Class Representative events. Contact Tom Ferro, director of the program, at for more information or to get involved.

Attend a Networking Night

The Alumni Association hosts two or three Networking Nights each school year, including an event in Monmouth County and another event in New York City. Stay tuned to your email and Facebook for announcements on each date!

Help With A Reunion Committee

Your CBA graduating class is celebrated every five years at the annual CBA BBQ in June. Aside from that special welcome, many classes choose to plan additional events during that weekend – from golf tournaments to dinners in Red Bank. If you would like to help plan reunion events for your class, you can join your class committee.

Summer Internship Program

The school administration partners with alumni to help rising CBA seniors explore different career options by locating internship opportunities. If your organization is currently hiring for an internship and would be willing to take a rising CBA senior, please let us know by forwarding the description to Pat McGann at

The friends you make here in the next four years, will be your friends for life!
– Brother Andrew O’Gara, CBA Freshman Orientation