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Christian Brothers Academy

COVID-19 Procedures and Protocols

Virtual Instruction will continue through Friday, April 3. Easter Vacation April 4-19.

Classes scheduled to resume at CBA on Monday, April 20

Read Mr. Fales letter regarding CBA’s distance learning plan and current schedule.

Please view Mr. Smith’s video message and this accompanying resource list regarding mental health and self care during the Covid-19 crisis

Planning and Coordination

The Administration of Christian Brothers Academy will continue to work closely the NJ Dept. of Education, the NJ Dept. of Health, and the Diocese of Trenton during this time of the COVID 19 pandemic.  The state agencies are responsible for communicating information from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control.  We will pass along any directives to the CBA community through emails, website postings, the emergency communications system, and social media.

Continuity of Student Learning

Please refer to instructions that Mr. Nunan sent to all parents and students on March 12.  This document outlines the procedures, policies, and responsibilities connected with online instruction that we will follow while the campus is closed.  The faculty has also been given training, instructions, and daily updates as to the procedures they are to follow at this time.

Infection Control Procedures

Christian Brothers Academy has been fortunate to have the services of Fundamental Cleaning for the past 4 years.  The Administration and Maintenance Department are in daily communication with this company, and we have been very pleased with their responsiveness to this situation.  Fundamental Cleaning did a thorough cleaning of the building on March 13 and 14.  On Monday, March 16, they came in and sanitized the classrooms, offices, common areas, bathrooms, and every student locker.  In order to keep the school clean and as germ free as possible, there has been very limited access to the building.  Fundamental Cleaning will continue to deep clean and sanitize the building during the next few weeks.

Communication and Planning

Brother Frank, Mr. Fales, and Mr. Nunan will continue to keep the parents, students, faculty, and staff notified of any important developments.  These will be provided mostly through emails, website postings, the emergency communications system, and social media.  The Administration will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis, and will keep the CBA community informed regarding any significant announcements or updates.

Following the directive issued by Governor Murphy, the campus and school activities will be shut down until at least Wednesday, April 1st.  We continue to prepare for various options so that we can be fully prepared to take the necessary actions in order to complete the school year.

Local Duties and Responsibilities

Areas of responsibility are divided as follows:

Br. Frank:

  • Internal and external communication
  • On campus access
  • Coordinating facilities

Mr. Fales:

  • Developing the schedule and procedures for ongoing instruction
  • Initiating calls to the local Board of Health, staff, and the parents
  • Handling any issues that may arise regarding ongoing instruction
  • Maintaining and adjusting the school calendar as needed
  • Informing parents of pertinent information regarding all academic, athletic, and extracurricular information

Mr. Nunan:

  • Overseeing the scheduled ongoing instruction and addressing any concerns that may arise
  • Informing the students, parents and teachers of any necessary adjustments to instruction, schedule, or curriculum
  • Responding to inquiries from students, parents, and faculty regarding instruction, assessments, and grades

Mrs. Hayes:

  • Address any inquiries from students and parents regarding issues related to Guidance
  • Assist parents/students in any concerns they have regarding school, mental health, or personal issues. Brian Smith, our school social worker, continues to be available for students and parents.

Mrs. Young:

  • Responsible for communicating with the local Board of Health, in consultation with the President and Principal
  • Informing the school community of best practices for hygiene and good health
  • Communicating to parents when a student becomes ill with symptoms of COVID 19

Mr. McLoughlin:

  • Addressing any financial questions that may arise from parents, staff, or vendors
  • Handling questions regarding Facilities Use for future events


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