To the CBA Community,

With spring upon us and Forever CBA construction activity proceeding as planned, it seems a good time to update the CBA community on our progress to date and provide a look forward.  The transformation of the campus is inspirational and we anticipate bringing all of the projects currently underway to completion this summer.  None of this would have been possible without the generosity and support of the entire CBA community and, for that, we are profoundly grateful.  If you have not had the opportunity to see the campus recently, we suggest you stop by or visit our website for recent news and photos of our progress.  

The Keane Soccer/Lacrosse Field, Sheehan Track & Field Complex, O’Shea-Martin Tennis Pavilion & Sullivan Courts, and the Rugby Pitch at the Br. Andrew O’Gara – Br. Ralph Montedoro Grass Fields are complete, with final touches being installed as of this writing.  The Valentine Hall renovations are complete, providing team room space for our cross country and track programs. 

The Br. Frank Byrne Dining Hall – Dolly Sullivan Kitchen and Benilde Hall are on schedule for completion this summer.  Two smaller projects connected to the Dining Hall, the main hallway resurfacing and renovation of the Campus Ministry space adjacent to the new Dining Hall, are scheduled to start in mid-June and be completed for the start of the fall 2023 semester.

Major infrastructure projects, including classroom air conditioning, parking lot lighting, stream restoration, and the necessary campus electric service upgrade are complete, with the final electric cutover scheduled for June.  Final paving of the access roads and parking lots at the sports venues is scheduled for the end of spring into the summer.

The design of McKenna Hall is currently being revisited as we consider its role in our planned new curricular initiatives; including arts, business, and STEM.  The scheduling of this new programming has been enabled through the Br. Frank Byrne Dining Hall project, which will reduce the number of lunch periods necessary, thereby allowing additional classes. Construction of McKenna Hall has hence been put on hold during this examination period.  The Board of Trustees and school administration are working together on the redesign and related costs of constructing the building to meet these curricular needs as soon as practical. 

The architectural plans to replace and upgrade the Round Barn in a cost-effective manner have undergone an intensive, multistep, value-engineering process and are complete. Nevertheless, it is clear that construction would still be prohibitively expensive and, therefore, the Board has placed this project on hold.  We plan to explore alternative building methods, as well as consider a different type of structure that could serve a broader range of purposes in addition to indoor running.  In either case, additional fundraising would be required before construction could commence.  

Dedication ceremonies for two projects have been held already with the Sheehan Track & Field Complex dedication approaching on May 7th.  There will be additional dedications for other sites in the fall of 2023.  We hope to see many of you there celebrating the transformation of our beautiful campus and its facilities.  Please watch for emails or visit our website for details.  

Saint John Baptist de La Salle … Pray for us!
Live Jesus in our Hearts … Forever.
Ross Fales
Joseph R. Tort ’76
Board Chair
Rendering of Entrance way of Frank Bryne Dining Hall
Drone Photograph of the Dr. George Sheehan Track and Field Complex.
Drone photography of Keane Field. Home of CBA Soccer and Lacrosse