New Elective Programming at CBA


“We have put more emphasis on the academics behind digital media. That has also been a way to then get kids involved outside of the classroom, finding those interested in digital media and putting them in real life settings. There has been a buzz among the students because digital media is unique in the way you can see the content that is produced.”

– Jason Lutz, Director of Digital Media

Christian Brothers Academy has been steadily expanding its digital media and broadcasting offerings. What once started as a small club of just a few students, the CBA Digital Network has become well known for its terrific student-run broadcasts of athletic contests and school events. For the last several years, CBA has run a Period Zero course for underclassmen to receive an introduction to digital media, as well as a senior-specific elective during the school day.

Beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, students from sophomore to senior year will be able to enroll in a variety of courses in Digital Media & Broadcasting. Check out the courses that are projected to be offered in 2024-2025.

Sample of Courses in the Digital Media Discipline

Intro to Digital Media

Sports Information & Production

Broadcast Journalism

Social Media Production

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