A few themes were apparent at today’s (11/24) Thanksgiving Prayer Service, an entirely student-run event for which our Academy community gathered.
Gratefulness. Generosity. Camaraderie. Most importantly, there was an understanding of the true strength we all share in and contribute towards. From preparing for life’s challenges to bringing home championships to spending time in thoughtful preparation, being a part of the CBA brotherhood has meant both sacrifice and perseverance for us all.
Our student leaders brought us together to reflect on why we celebrate, put things into perspective, and call attention to the opportunities we’ve been given to learn, represent, practice, and play for our Academy tradition. Nate Houston gave a candid and impactful reflection on his experiences, service, and seeing God at work in the world, even in the most unlikely places.
Through the generous efforts of our community, a tally of over 20,191 items were collected to help benefit those in need through the Thanksgiving Food Drive. A special thanks was shared for Mr. Speidel’s homeroom class for yet again providing the largest single-homeroom contribution.
Mr. Fales and the administration acknowledged the Academy’s commitment to being men for others, by extending the upcoming holiday weekend to include tomorrow as well.
To those who contributed and who continue to donate their time and resources to our mission at the Academy, thank you. There is much to be thankful for this year and always at Christian Brothers Academy.