2018 Academic Award Winners Announced

As is the tradition at Christian Brothers Academy, the student body gathered Wednesday morning for one final school mass, the LaSalle Liturgy, before the seniors finish classes next week.

Within the mass, the 2018 Christian Brothers Academy Academic Awards were announced. Presented by Principal Ross Fales and Associate Principal Sean Nunan, the following Academy men were honored for their outstanding academic and service achievements during the 2017-2018 school year.


The Brother John Halpin Award for GENERAL EXCELLENCE
Awarded to……Peter Hegel
Next in Merit…Michael Guarino

The Bishop George W. Ahr Award for THEOLOGY
Awarded to….. Michael Guarino
Next in Merit…Andrew Mullaghy

The Christian Brothers Award for RELIGIOUS SERVICE
Awarded to……Paul Mlodgenski
Next in Merit…Isaac Mercado

The Brother Albert Bernard McKenna Award for ENGLISH
Awarded to……Michael Guarino
Next in Merit…Peter Hegel

The Brother Andrew Valentine Award for SPANISH
Awarded to…….Michael Guarino
Next in Merit….John-Gabriel Bermudez

The John B. Higgins Award for FRENCH
Awarded to……Joseph Broehl
Next in Merit…Matthew Jaworski

The Brother Clement Patrick Gardner Award for LATIN
Awarded to……Dominic Esposito
Next in Merit…Christian Bordak-Roseman

The John C. Henderson Award for MATHEMATICS
Awarded to…….Peter Hegel
Next in Merit….John Sheridan

The Doctor George Sheehan, Jr. Award for SCIENCE
Awarded to……Peter Hegel
Next in Merit…John-Gabriel Bermudez

The Peter E. Fleming Award for HISTORY
Awarded to…….John Sheridan
Next in Merit….Michael Guarino

The Doctor William J. Zapcic, AFSC Award
Awarded to that student in the graduating class who in the opinion of the faculty and Administration most exemplifies the spirit, ideals, and achievements of Christian Brothers Academy.

Awarded to….Gerald Sharpe

The Brother Michael Dwyer graduating scholars are

William Acken, Daniel Draganoff, Michael Paduano, Christian Bordak-Roseman, Dominic Esposito, John Sheridan, Aidan Broderick, Brendan Fitzgerald, Daniel Smith, Lucas Capone, Thomas Greenwald, Matthew Tanjanlangit, James Clabby, Michael Guarino, Daniel Treval, Jack Coleman, Peter Hegel, Christopher Werthmuller, Declan Cooper, Matthew Meyer



Awarded to….Nicholas Geissler
Next in Merit….Grant D’Orsi

The Saint Brother Mutien Marie award for GENERAL EXCELLENCE IN THE SOPHOMORE YEAR
Awarded to….Eric Hawkins
Next in Merit….Kirk Yap

The Blessed Brother Solomon Award for GENERAL EXCELLENCE IN THE JUNIOR YEAR
Awarded to…….Michael Sardella
Next in Merit….William Walsh

The 19th annual Duffy Senior Spanish Scholarship is sponsored by 1970 CBA graduate Sean Duffy, in honor of his parents. This scholarship is awarded to the junior with the highest cumulative average in Spanish.
This year’s winner is Rafael Coppola

The 13th annual Ceres Senior Physics Scholarship is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ceres in memory of their son Gerald, class of 2003. This scholarship is awarded to the junior with the highest average in Physics.
This year’s winner is: Nicholas Hanlon

The 6th annual Frank Bulzis Senior Mathematics Scholarship is sponsored by Mrs. Doreen Bulzis in memory of her husband and our colleague Frank Bulzis. This scholarship is awarded to the junior with the highest cumulative average in Mathematics.
This year’s winner is: Michael Sardella

The 4th annual Joseph Castle History scholarship is sponsored by Mr. Joseph Castle, CBA Class of 1990. This scholarship is awarded to the junior with the highest cumulative average in study of History.
This year’s winner is William Walsh

The 4th annual John and Carol DeMuria English scholarship is sponsored by John and Carol DeMuria, the proud parents of Jonathon (class of 2003), Daniel (class of 2011), and Nicholas (Class of 2016). This scholarship is awarded to the junior with the highest cumulative average in English.
This year’s winner is Michael Sardella

The Br. Frank Byrne Award for Theology is sponsored by Bill Moss ’75 and his wife Liz Moss, along with classmates and friends of Brother Frank. This award honors the junior with the highest cumulative average in theology.
This year’s winners are Patrick Devine and Michael Sardella

The Br. Ralph Montedoro Award for Service to the Poor is sponsored by former CBA head of guidance Jack Brennan. This award honors the junior who has best exemplified the Christian Service belief in direct service to those in need.
This year’s winner is Thomas Tsimbinos.

Lasallian Educator of the Year

Mr. Matthew Butler, Theology

Mr. Butler has been a teacher and coach at CBA since 2008. While teaching both theology and physical education, Mr. Butler has been extremely active in the service component of the Academy. His desire to help people is shown through his relentless quest to inspire and help others: taking time to organize trips to Montana, cook for the hungry in the CBA cafeteria, and taking time away from his own life to deliver food to the needy on Thanksgiving & Christmas, as well as weekly with Lasallian Youth in Asbury Park. He has consistently mentored young men through personal interactions and guided them throughout the years in athletics, coaching Crew, Wrestling, Rugby, Weight Lifting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


About Christian Brothers Academy:
Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) is a private, Catholic, academic preparatory school for boys located in Lincroft, New Jersey. Founded in 1959 and taught in the Lasallian tradition, CBA is dedicated to helping students become intellectually mature and morally responsible leaders for society. Through the combined efforts of the Office of Advancement and friends of the Academy, CBA awards over $1.5 million in scholarships and financial aid to current students. Experience the Academy at www.CBALincroftNJ.org.