Once again, CBA’s Latin students displayed their academic prowess in the National Latin Exam. The annual exam was administered to over 153,000 students this year, from across the US and from 20 foreign countries. Results of this year’s exam were announced in late April.
Many schools allow only their top students to sit for the exam; however, all CBA students enrolled in Latin are required to take the national test each year.
Of the 102 Academy men who took this year’s exam:
  • 7 students earned Gold Medals
  • 24 students earned Silver Medals
  • 8 finished Magna Cum Laude
  • 10 finished Cum Laude
Broken down by Latin courses, 36 percent of freshmen won awards, while 56 percent of sophomores, 38% of standard juniors, and 59 percent of Honors juniors also earned distinctions. Additionally, every senior who took the exam earned an award.
This year’s stellar performance included two leading achievements.
Sophomore Dominic Esposito had a perfect paper, a feat achieved by fewer than 1% of students taking the exam worldwide. Seniors Luke Drennan and Christopher Mulvaney both won the National Latin Exam Book Award, granted to those students who received a gold medal in each of the four years that he took the exam.
This year’s Gold Award winners by grade:
  • Freshmen: David Ham
  • Sophomores: Dominic Esposito and Daniel Mead
  • Juniors: Daniel Berkowitz and Travis Schuhardt
  • Seniors: Luke Drennan and Christopher Mulvaney