Castillo ’24 Highlights Character-Building, Teachers as CBA Hallmarks

When Joseph Castillo ’24 was in eighth grade, his interest piqued in Christian Brothers Academy for a few notable reasons.

“I was interested in CBA because I saw the priorities which they focus on, the student expectations, and what they can offer to the students,” he says.

Castillo took a leap of faith from Eatontown Memorial Middle School, and now in May of his senior year, he certainly does not regret his decision.

“There are numerous ways that I have changed [at CBA],” he says. “Building upon my character, building upon the need to try to take advantage of every opportunity. Taking advantage of opportunities is probably the most beneficial way I have changed over these years.”

Castillo has taken every opportunity in stride. He has soaked up academic and life lessons from teachers and counselors, while also enriching his time at CBA with unique opportunities outside the classroom.

He likes to point out that his AP US History course with Dr. Gustavsen, French honors class with Mr, Macky, and his Acting & Public Speaking elective with Mr. Orozco were courses that made a profound impact on him as a student.

With the conclusion of the spring musical, Castillo wrapped up a term as house director for Pegasus Production Company. After working on the crew for multiple years, he took charge of the box office, seating and greetings for each Pegasus performance this year. It was an opportunity that he knows will benefit him in the future.

“[The role] has played a very important part of my CBA curriculum,” he says. “I am not only able to help cooperate with all of these productions, but it also helps me as a person, being able to have these leadership skills.”

He also is quick to point out his junior year trip to Japan with the Lasallian Global Scholars as a major highlight during his four years at the Academy. He was also heavily involved in both Lasallian Youth for service initiatives and was the president of the French Club,

His CBA years set him up to understand exactly what he was looking for in a college.

“I tried to be involved as much as I could and that obviously helped through my college decision, being able to see things that I am interested in,” he says.

Castillo will be attending George Washington University in the fall, as he has his sights set on majoring in finance and getting real world experience in Washington, D.C. He made sure to take Mr. Santos’ in-demand honors economics course this year to help get a jumpstart on a potential collegiate business curriculum.

As he prepares to accept his CBA diploma, Castillo is quick to point out what he will miss about CBA.

“One thing in particular that I will miss is being able to see my favorite teachers. They have helped me, they have guided me with lots of advice, especially my counselor as well. I will be very grateful for all the appreciation and advice that they have given me.”

About Christian Brothers Academy:
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