Christian Brothers Academy held one of its oldest annual traditions on Thursday evening: the Century Club celebration.
The Century Club’s origins dates back to the school’s infancy, when then-Principal Brother Bernard McKenna realized that CBA needed to create a fundraising system to offset operating costs. Brother Bernard formed the Century Club, and asked current parents and community members to join the club as a way of raising money for the Academy. The first Century Club Celebration was held in the spring of 1963.
Now, over 50 years later, CBA continues Brother Bernard’s endeavor, offering membership to the Century Club to current & past parents, grandparents and friends of the Academy.
On Thursday night, President Brother Frank Byrne welcomed over 100 members to the CBA campus for an evening of cocktails, dinner and special gift presentations.
Brother Frank recapped another terrific year at the Academy and thanked those in attendance for their continued support of Christian Brothers Academy. The members in attendance also were able to get a glimse of the Academy today with a viewing of the Class of 2021’s Welcome Video.
Joined by Director of Advancement, Bill Attardi ’82, Brother Frank presented special gifts to those who have been members of the Century Club for a number of years.

2017 Century Club Membership Anniversaries

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Dubel
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Karagias

Mr. and Mrs. James Anastasio
Mr. Arthur M. Crowley
Mrs. Dolores V. DeFelice
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Vickers

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Arbour
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cary
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hempstead

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Joyce, Jr.
Mrs. Louis M. Ocone
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Torbet

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Aiello
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Brasch ’70
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kolmer
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Lelen
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Monaco
Mrs. Paul H. Saake
Mrs. Edmund B. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. John Bruzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Ferraro
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Giunco ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stumpf
Mr. Michael Waldman
Mr. and Mrs. Stpehen M. Zavoluk

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Clark, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeRosa
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Dorgan
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry N. Falk
Mr. and Mrs. Sean F. O’Brien ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon J. Ralph ’72
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Smuro
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Askin Sr.
Mrs. Michael G. Bell
Dr. Michael Discigllio
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Duffy ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Friesenhahn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Kneucker
Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Liotta
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Mabry
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Merkler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Miller Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Palisi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Paolillo ’83
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Plath
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ruckert III ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Desmon Smyth
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Sprake
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sullivan ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Sweeney
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Trigani ’82

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