On Thursday, September 22, Christian Brothers Academy hosted 60 alumni for the second annual Class Representative Dinner at Huddy’s in Colts Neck. The Class Rep Program is designed to promote alumni involvement in CBA events through constant contact with designated reps from each graduating year.
President Brother Frank Byrne ’75 led the night off by explaining to the reps in attendance why alumni involvement is so important to a school like CBA, where the brotherhood of being classmates lasts for life. The alumni also heard from Principal Ross Fales, Pat McGann ’71 and Bill Attardi ’82 about both school and alumni events this upcoming year.

The Class Rep Program heavily promotes the attendance of alumni at events such as the Hall of Fame Gala, athletic games & meets, networking nights and the June BBQ. New to this year will be the promotion of the CBA Homecoming Day in February, which will be based around a CBA vs. RBC basketball game. All Class Reps have access to their own CBA email address and a database with their classmates’ names and email addresses on file.

Last year, the Class Rep Program promoted the March Madness Giving Challenge, which pit each graduating class against each one another to see who could raise the most money for CBA. The one week challenge raised $40,000 for current and future Academy students, led by the classes of 1984, 1982, 2000 and 1979.

2015-16 was also a record year for both alumni involvement and alumni giving, in part because of the Class Rep Program’s success.

The program is growing quickly, but the reps could always use more help. Contact Jason Lutz in the Office of Advancement at to get involved with the Class Rep Program.