CBA hosted its first-ever Scholars Program Colloquium on Tuesday, May 17 at 7 p.m. in the Henderson Theatre. The evening was a showcase of the top five capstone projects from members of the Class of 2016 in CBA’s Scholars Program.
Richard Stefanik demonstrated his musical composition skills after teaching himself to play piano. He also gave the audience a walkthrough of the music editing software he used to create his compositions.
Anthony Sardella invented a prototype of a device that allows you to charge your cell phone using your breath. Intrigued by the idea that our bodies waste energy in every exhaled breath, Sardella sought to create a device that could harness that energy. His breath-powered phone charger prototype was the end result.
Corbin Richardson presented a comprehensive analysis of the American electoral system in comparison to those of England and France.
Matthew Baldes explained the application and production of his own quad copter that he used to shoot video and to approximate search and rescue operations. He piloted a much smaller version during his presentation and provided a glimpse into the video footage shot in several New Jersey parks.
Jonathan Alicea explained the production process behind his original comedy entitled “The New Yorker’s Guide to Making Money (in desperate circumstances).” He also presented a video of a scene from the play.

About the Scholars Program


Directed by history department chair Mr. Jeffrey Matson since the program’s inception in 2010, the Scholars Program offers select juniors a unique research-driven experience that continues throughout their senior year.
During junior year, the scholars undertake an intensive interdisciplinary seminar series designed to enrich their knowledge of a particular historical era. Previous seminars have included Russia and the West, The Roman Empire and America Today. During their senior year, the scholars develop an independent project that permits them to explore in depth areas of individual interest under the direction of a personal mentor, from the CBA faculty or the private sector. Additionally, each Program concludes with international travel that ties into the seminar’s theme.