CBA to Host Japanese Lasallian School in December

The Brothers of the Christian Schools have a network that stretches across 80 countries, which includes 4,000 Brothers, 90,000 lay colleagues, and 850,000 students.

In December, Christian Brothers Academy will host Brother Fermin Martinez and his students from the Hakodate LaSalle School in Hokkaido, Japan. The Japanese students will spend a week with CBA host families, attending school days with their host student.

It is a tremendous opportunity for Academy men to gain an important cultural experience right here in Lincroft. The CBA students will be surprised how much they have in common with these students from Hakdoate, especially through the shared Lasallian tradition.

The CBA administration is currently seeking more current families to be hosts for these visiting students. If you are interested in being a host family, please visit this link for information and to sign-up.