A Labor of Love: Br. Ralph Montedoro Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

Br. Ralph Montedoro (center) at the CBA Class of 2017 Graduation ceremony last June.

This year marks the 50th anniversary as a Brother for a fixture of Christian Brothers Academy, Br. Ralph Montedoro, FSC. He was recognized at the Class of 2017’s graduation as well as at a special Jubilee celebration hosted by the District of Eastern North America, Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Br. Ralph (second from right) at the 2017 Jubilee Mass at St. Mary Church.

As CBA’s Executive Vice President and an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees, Br. Ralph helps oversee a legacy that he has spent more than three decades of his life helping to craft. Indeed CBA’s Varsity soccer and lacrosse fields were dedicated to both him and the late Brother Andrew O’Gara, FSC for their extraordinary commitment to the Academy’s mission.

Despite that sizable commitment, Br. Ralph remains a modest individual who often shuns the spotlight. He is known far and wide for his personable demeanor, dynamic leadership and relentless dedication to community service. In fact, it was he who instituted the now-prominent Service program, a critical part of the Academy experience and our young men’s development.

During his years as a Brother, Br. Ralph has served a number of roles: teacher (2001 Lasallian Educator of the Year), counselor, moderator, campus minister, Associate Principal, Principal, Executive Vice President, and most important, as a son of St. La Salle.

CBA president Brother Frank Byrne with Brother Ralph Montedoro at the DENA Jubilee Mass held this past July.

During his tenure as CBA Principal, Br. Ralph established a collegial form of leadership that set the tone for the school community, fostering a spirit of innovation and creativity. His leadership style encouraged faculty members to weigh in on the important issues of curriculum development and school operations. Likewise, Br. Ralph recognized the great advantages of hiring individuals for positions traditionally held by Brothers.

He further encouraged the hiring of women throughout the departments as well as CBA alumni, who were already committed to CBA’s philosophy and mission. Under Br. Ralph, the first lay Dean of Students was hired: now-principal R. Ross Fales. Congratulations to Br. Ralph Montedoro on hitting this great personal milestone, and thank you for your selfless dedication to our campus community.

About Service at CBA:

To graduate, each Academy man is required to complete a minimum of 50 service hours. Additionally, every student must meet the service hour minimum requirement each year for their specific class year as set forth below. A student who completes 50 hours in one year is still required to complete the minimum hours each subsequent year. Students are encouraged to and often exceed the required amounts. Last year’s class completed over 26,000 service hours, averaging just under 100 total hours per student. Learn More.