Guidance Counselor Promotes Positive Mindset with Freshmen Yoga Series

With the stresses of daily life and the acclimation to a new environment, underclassmen guidance counselor Mrs. Johnson had an idea to help CBA freshmen a few years ago: periodic yoga sessions during physical education class.

“I tell [the freshmen] that I have been fortunate enough over the last three years to see how this has helped many of our students as athletes, before a class, or when they are trying to unwind,” Johnson said. “I am grateful to those students who have shared how much yoga has helped them feel better, enhance their athletics or reset their focus on school.”

While she figured that it would just be a one-time thing a few years ago, the physical education teachers have invited her back to teach yoga for three years in a row.

Johnson has been practicing yoga for 20 years. She received her registered yoga teacher certificate about three years ago. Since then, she has not only worked with the freshmen, but also a dozen different varsity sport programs.

She says that a yoga session can benefit anyone who needs a mental and physical “reset.”

“Simply stated, whenever you are able to slow down with guided breathing and are taken through a yoga flow of postures, your heart rate will automatically slow and the body will begin to produce more serotonin,” Johnson said.

As an underclassmen guidance counselor, Johnson understands the highs and lows of freshmen year at CBA. Over the past few years, she has seen each freshmen class become more and more receptive to techniques that help maintain a positive mindset.

“I would have to say that what is most impressive is the willingness that these students have to keep an open mind and learn new strategies. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share some easy yoga and relaxation tips with our students,” Johnson said.

She also commends the parents for their role in helping the freshmen stay on track during their first year at CBA.

“The parents, with each passing year, are more interested in things like wellness, nutrition, yoga, relaxation, and mental health resilience. This is definitely evident in their sons. It shows how this is a language that is an important part of today’s culture,” Johnson said.”

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