Junior Dominic Esposito was recently recognized as the 2017 “Junior Humanitarian” at this year’s Foodbank Humanitarian Gala, in support of The Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Esposito was recognized for his major commitment to community service, especially in creating and leading efforts for his charity Scrap Hunger, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. He is also the President of Plumsted Youth for Nature and the Environment, a youth led environmental service organization. Last summer, Dominic organized a Ride It Forward recycling drive that collected 82 unwanted bikes to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton.

The idea for Scrap Hunger grew out of an environmental project when Dominic learned that some businesses and residents were not properly recycling small scrap metal. At the same time, Dominic read about how food banks were having difficulty keeping food on the shelves after Hurricane Sandy. He decided to turn scrap metal into food. After placing a can to collect metal scraps next to a key cutter at a local hardware store, family and friends started donating old keys, locks, nuts and bolts. Word spread, and before long Dominic was receiving appliances, boats, and trailers. Dominic has handled thousands of pieces of metal, donated by residents and businesses from all across Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  He also organized two Scrap Hunger Walk-A-Thons at CBA to raise money and bring awareness to the concept of recycling  scrap metal to help feed others.

Since 2014, Scrap Hunger has collected and sold over 89,000 pounds of scrap metal and donated $22,100 to The Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Dominic received a National Make A Difference Award in May of 2016 and will be receiving a Congressional Award Gold Medal in Washington D.C this coming June. Congratulations to our junior humanitarian on this great recognition!