On Thursday, December 10, Dr. Mark Brennan, a NYU professor spoke to the FBLA on the topics of value and growth investing, market trends, and some of the fundamentals of the U.S. stock market. Our Academy men had the chance to ask questions and learn from the insights of an advocate of value-based investing and market analysis.
Brennan debunked some often-referred-to finance topics and trends, such as the secret to Warren Buffett’s success and what 2015’s market means in terms of our economic history.
About Our Speaker

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a student organization centered on obtaining a better understanding of the different career opportunities in business. Moderated by Ms. Colleen Hayes, the FBLA meets twice a month to hear guest speakers, participate in competitions, attend conventions and take trips, such as last year’s trip to Wall Street in New York City.

About Our Speaker
Mark G. Brennan is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Business Ethics in the Business & Society Program at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he teaches both undergraduate and graduate students. His views have been shared on major outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Fox post’ “The Willis Report.”
Prior to joining the Stern School, Professor Brennan worked as an equity analyst and portfolio manager covering the financial services industry for several asset management firms and hedge funds. Before his career as an investor Professor Brennan was a CPA at Price Waterhouse working for a variety of banking and financial services clients. He has served on the boards of the Bank and Financial Analyst Association, the Rude Mechanicals Theater Company, and policy think tanks. Professor Brennan is also the American editor of the Quarterly Review, a British literary magazine founded in 1809.