Forever CBA Introduces the Saint La Salle Endowment Program

Visitors to the Academy are greeted by this statue of St. La Salle, the founder of the Brothers.

Rigorous academics. Impactful service experiences. Dynamic extracurricular activities. Championship athletics.

Each facet of Christian Brothers Academy works in synergy to produce a unique holistic, Lasallian education.

“It’s the totality of the experience here at CBA,” said Principal Ross Fales. “Along with our college preparatory curriculum, activities outside of the classroom are just as important in the development of our students. It helps them find a sense of responsibility, build a strong character, and open a world of possibility outside of Lincroft.”

With the entirety of the CBA experience in mind, the establishment of the Saint La Salle Endowment Program is a defining feature of the Forever CBA: Securing Our Mission campaign.

A principal objective of the Forever CBA campaign is to establish a steady reliable stream of annual funds, apart from tuition, that will help the Academy expand and enhance its many academic, faculty and extracurricular programs. Most importantly, the campaign will help the Academy sustain its mission well into the future.

“Endowments are the future of private, Catholic education,” Fales said. “At CBA, we view endowments as a way to give our students an experience that they will not find at any other school.”

The Saint La Salle Endowment Program will consist of individual endowments to support initiatives across campus, including Performing Arts, Campus Ministry, Service Immersion, Learning Assistance, Student Retreats and Athletics. Much like the university model, the program will also establish named faculty and coaching endowed positions, as well as enhance the offerings of our faculty Continuing Education Program.

“Individual endowments are established from a pool of charitable gifts that are permanently invested and earn interest and income every year,” explained Director of Advancement Bill Attardi. “Because the principal is never touched, we can count on a steady stream of additional income that will not only secure each program’s future, but also grow CBA’s offerings for students.”

Students on the 2019 service immersion trip to the Appalachia Service Project.


As part of the Saint La Salle Endowment program, highly-acclaimed faith and service programs will be supplemented and enhanced. While the service program has always been a hallmark of CBA, the opportunities offered to students have grown significantly in the past five years.

Service Immersion: A typical year will see multiple service immersion trips per semester to locations such as the De La Salle Blackfeet School in Montana, the La Salle Educational Center in South Florida, and the Appalachia Service Project in Virginia. These trips provide students the opportunity to travel off-campus, often out-of-state, where they can help meet the needs of those less fortunate.

Fales hopes that donors will recognize the significant impact these trips have on our students and notes that funds derived from a Service Immersion endowment will offset costs, allowing for additional opportunities for students. Currently, students pay their own way, but endowment funding will allow CBA to reduce student fees and increase faculty involvement. Typically, two or three teachers will join the student contingent on service immersion trips, which world language teacher Ciro Saverino notes is equally impactful for educators.

“One thing that helps our boys grow as individuals is their newfound perspective on economics, and the disparity they witness with their own eyes outside of Monmouth County,” said Saverino, who has chaperoned multiple immersion trips. “Perhaps the most valuable part of these service trips is the time we dedicate to reflect and process the events of the day. It is a bittersweet experience, but powerful, nonetheless, for our students.”

Student Retreats: Back on campus, CBA has traditionally run its retreat program for all grade levels as part of the curriculum. Recently, these retreats have grown to include a two-day, overnight experience for seniors. CBA’s retreat program follows a modified version of “Kairos,” which challenges young men to take the time to consider more deeply many spiritual questions, as well as to better understand themselves and others.

“The retreat program, which seeks to develop our students’ spirituality and faith, is absolutely central to the purpose of a Lasallian institution,” said Dean of Students Matt Meehan. “The spiritual development of our students is equally as important to our academic rigor at CBA.”

Campus Ministry is the main source of our local service initiatives at CBA, where Academy men regularly participate in annual outreach such as the Thanksgiving Food Drive, delivering lunches to Asbury Park, and tutoring young children at local elementary charter schools. A robust endowment would provide additional activities and paths for students to realize their best selves.


Learning Assistance: Over the last few years, the Academy has introduced the Colt PLUS Program. It is designed for highly motivated students with the cognitive ability to adhere to a college preparatory curriculum, but may need additional support from a trained learning consultant. Students in the Colt PLUS program take all the same classes, although certain accommodations may be implemented. The establishment of a Colt PLUS endowment will provide funding for additional educator assistance and greater enrollment opportunities.

“Within the PLUS English and Skills Development programs, students’ literary analysis and writing skills grow tremendously in just one semester,” notes learning consultant Amanda Colannino. “Through direct instruction in learning strategies such as study skills and time management, students grow into independent learners.”

Continuing Education: Meanwhile, CBA will continue to support its faculty members through the Continuing Education Program. Funding to this program will help teachers pursue additional degrees or training, which will benefit not only the faculty, but also the students in the classroom.

“Endowing faculty development follows a model that has long been taking place in higher education,” said President Br. Frank Byrne. “A vibrant continuing education program allows faculty to do research, continue to work towards additional advanced degrees, and take part in national, large-scale seminars during the summer months.”


Of course, CBA has been historically excellent in extracurricular activities, athletics, and performing arts.

The Saint La Salle Endowment program aims to further support these programs through endowment funding. Donors will be able to support specific areas such as the Pegasus Production Company or any of CBA’s athletic programs.

“Whether it is a sports team or performing arts group, students make a major commitment to these activities,” Fales said. “We always want to provide support and resources commensurate with the commitment of our students and provide experiences that help develop their passions.”

Performing Arts: The performing arts department has added multiple music groups, a technical production club, and more over the past few years. Students have been able to dip their toes in something new, while also remaining in a department that has made an impact on their lives.

“The relationships that I’ve formed from being a part of the performing arts department will live with me forever,” Ryan O’Connor ’21 said. “One of my favorite memories is Pegasus and the music department joining together for the spring musical. Seeing the entire department working together in such harmony is an incredible sight.”

Ryan O'Connor '21 in the Spring 2020 production of FOOTLOOSE.

Athletics: Athletic program endowments will help ensure the success and longevity of our sports teams. The money earned from a team endowment would not only help to enhance what could be offered to our student athletes, but help to defray the added expenses that many of our families pay for their sons to be part of a team.


Choosing “Securing Our Mission” was no accident when naming this campaign.

While facilities will soon be physically upgraded across campus, the Saint La Salle Endowment program will allow CBA to continue to have financial flexibility well into the future.

“Having endowed programs for academic scholarships, extracurricular activities, financial aid, and faculty programs will give CBA a source of funding that will relieve the stress on the operating budget,” Brother Frank said. “This in turn gives CBA the ability to rely less on tuition for running the school. We certainly understand the sacrifices our parents are making, and endowing our programs will be a way to address their tuition concerns.”

The Saint La Salle Endowment program is vital to the future of the Academy. Any level of support will contribute to the pool of money for the program endowment.

“The more members of the CBA community who participate in this campaign, the more we can offer the students,” Fales said. “Any amount is helpful, including small contributions. We encourage alumni and parents to give to programs that had an impact on them and their sons.”

For more information on this endowment program and Forever CBA: Securing Our Mission campaign, please enroll in one of the Online Campaign Informational presentations that will be offered this year or contact Bill Attardi at

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