Graduation Awards Presented to Class of 2021

As they enter their final few weeks as Academy students, seniors in the Class of 2021 were recognized at the annual Lasalle Academic Awards on April 21.

Typically presented in front of the entire student body, this year’s graduation awards were limited to just the senior class.

“I congratulate today’s recipients of academic awards,” said Principal Ross Fales. “It is my hope that you will continue to serve as models to your peers and that you will continue to use your gifts in a way that is pleasing to God.”


The Brother John Halpin Award for GENERAL EXCELLENCE

Awarded to……Nicholas Geissler

Next in Merit…Grant D’Orsi


The Bishop George W. Ahr Award for THEOLOGY

Awarded to……Nicholas Geissler

Next in Merit…Mason Garber


The Christian Brothers Award for RELIGIOUS SERVICE

Awarded to……Mason Garber

Next in Merit…Edward Massell


The Brother Albert Bernard McKenna Award for ENGLISH

Awarded to……Nicholas Geissler

Next in Merit…Mason Garber


The Brother Andrew Valentine Award for SPANISH

Awarded to……Nicholas Geissler

Next in Merit….Grant D’Orsi


The John B. Higgins Award for FRENCH

Awarded to……Mason Garber

Next in Merit…Matthew D’Elia


The Brother Clement Patrick Gardner Award for LATIN

Awarded to……Eric Jaeger

Next in Merit…Adrian Foley


The John C. Henderson Award for MATHEMATICS

Awarded to…….Nicholas Geissler

Next in Merit….Grant D’Orsi


The Doctor George Sheehan, Jr. Award for SCIENCE

Awarded to……Nicholas Geissler

Next in Merit…Sean Mullaghy


The Peter E. Fleming Award for HISTORY

       Awarded to…….Grant D’Orsi

Next in Merit….Mason Garber


The Doctor William J. Zapcic, AFSC Award

Awarded to that student in the graduating class who in the opinion of the Administration most exemplifies the spirit, ideals and achievements of Christian Brothers Academy.

John Straley


The Brother Michael Dwyer Graduating Scholars

Jason Asare                     John Doehner                 Michael LaGuardia

Yash Barodekar              Sean Elliott                     Jared Lucich

Nicholas Berlingieri        Max Ferraro                   Brendan McHugh

Shane Borenius              Nicholas Geissler            James Murrer

Peter Ciccosanti              Andrew Guarino            Ryan O’Connor

Grant D’Orsi                  Kevin Henderson           Graydon Santos

Matthew Desiderio         Blake Jaronko                John Straley

Joseph DiSpirito



Daniel Aliprandi             Jake Gasperino               Allan Mayeregger

Alec Almeida                  John Gearon                   Kyle McKeon

Jason Asare                     Nicholas Geissler            Owen McPaul

Yash Barodekar              Andrew Guarino            Ethan Middleton

Nicholas Berlingieri        Kevin Henderson           Ryan Mojares

Charles Bertodatti           Edward Hickey              Dane Moran

Shane Borenius              Nicholas Horowitz          Conor Morris

Connor Chase                Ryan Howard                 Sean Mullaghy

Jack Chase                      Thomas Izzo                   Justin Nocella

Peter Chiu                      Michael Jakub                Michael Owens

Daniel DeMasi                Blake Jaronko                Mark Paleski

Michael DeRosa             Michael LaGuardia         John Paterno

Joseph DiSpirito             Lucas Ligato                  Connor Prior

John Doehner                 Jack Longo                    Ryan Quigley

Jack Dooling                  Zachary Lowicki            Lucas Salas

Grant D’Orsi                  Anthony Maione            Graydon Santos

Henry Escandon             Sebastian Marchese         Steven Sharpe

Nicholas Farrell              Daniel Martin                 Kenneth Shaw


Mason Garber


Giulio Caruso                 Eric Jaeger                      Stefan Premus

Matthew Giordano         Nathaniel Massell           Aiden Szuwalski

Matthew Guketlov          James Murrer                  Ryan Tierney


Alec Almeida                  Daniel Martin                 Steven Sharpe

Jason Asare                     Ryan Mojares                 Scott Welsh

Jack Longo                    Conor Morris


Matthew D’Elia              Mason Garber                 John Straley

Robert Folgore               Peter Jaworski

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