Last Impressions are Important: Senior Jason Asare’s CBA Journey

Jason Asare ’21 was sitting in the first day of Mr. Dave Santos’ sophomore history class when he encountered a line that impacts him to this day.

Santos put a PowerPoint on the screen that stressed “last impressions are important.” From the moment he heard that mantra, Asare’s mindset changed and he carried a new focus throughout the rest of his CBA career.

“I did not want to leave CBA as the same freshman that I was when I came in,” Asare said. “I wanted to better myself by the time I left [CBA]. I remember that PowerPoint presentation all the time and that lesson I have carried with me ever since.”

It was fitting that Asare saw that mantra on the first day of sophomore year, which is typically a year of tremendous growth for Academy men. After getting their footing during freshman year, many CBA students find their ultimate interests and passions during their second year in Lincroft.

Asare certainly found his stride at the Academy.

As a junior, he was inducted into the St. La Salle Chapter of the National Honor Society, as well as the Spanish Language Honor Society. Asare has been a three-year varsity track runner and a member of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club.

Asare during his National Honor Society induction in February 2020.
Asare has been a sprinter for CBA's track & field team.

With an interest in the business and economics world, Asare has taken classes such as AP Calculus AB and AP Macro/Micro Economics, which he notes have been his most rewarding classes.

“Through these AP courses, I have been able to advance my complex problem solving skills, as well as develop a newfound interest in the economy and the way it affects daily social occurrences,” Asare said.

Asare’s focused attitude has certainly paid off, finalizing an early decision to attend the highly-ranked University of Chicago next fall.

“After researching the school, I saw it really paralleled what I have done at CBA,” he said. “It is a school the really stressed academics, has great programs for what I want to pursue, and it gives me the opportunity to continue my athletic career.”

Asare will be able to take his track & field talents to the University of Chicago, while ideally majoring in economics.

He is grateful to have the opportunity to attend such an excellent university, and knows that the Academy undoubtedly helped him achieve that goal.

He credits English teacher Mr. David Villeta for piquing his interest in learning. While in Villeta’s U.S. Literature course, Asare developed an enjoyment of studying, which he believes carried over into other courses.

On the athletic side, CBA track & field head coach Karl Torchia has been a mentor and motivator for Asare. He notes that there were plenty of moments where he thought his track career might be over, but Torchia inspired him to have a collection of personal drive, spirit and will to improve.

All in all, his development as a young man at CBA has readied him for the next step in life.

“Over the course of four years, CBA’s academic rigor drove my work ethic through the roof,” Asare commented. “Going to a school like UChicago, you are going to have to work hard if you want to succeed. Since CBA has instilled that work ethic in me, I am very confident in going to a school like UChicago.”

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