Last week, the annual public safety program “Rude Awakening” came to CBA for a day of important presentations and demonstrations meant to inform students. Over a dozen servicemen – members of the New Jersey State Police and Lincroft First Aid & Rescue Squad – performed live demonstrations.

The day’s demos included a simulated car crash and victim retrieval, a vehicle air bag simulation, an emergency helicopter landing and take-off, and several informative talks about the dangers students must remain aware of on the road, at parties, and in life.

At the same time, freshmen students got a chance to see live demonstrations on robotics, engineering and biology. The various presentations, the majority of which were created by CBA faculty, served as part of an overall introduction to the world of STEM studies and professions. This day-long event included an informational session led by an animal handler and several different species of live animals.

About Our Curriculum

The academic curriculum at the Academy is one of the pillars upon which our tradition has been built. Students will be challenged in a manner that promotes critical thinking, self-reliance and accountability. Our alumni frequently confirm that their four years at the Academy provided them with a sizable advantage in their undergraduate and graduate studies.

The administration works continuously to craft a well-rounded, modernized curriculum that promotes scholarship and rewards diligence. We recognize that above all, our students are here to learn. The Academy experience ensures that our campus, facilities, and personnel create the perfect environment for that learning to happen.