Music Production Club Provides New Creative Outlet

Senior Eric Ticse demos a personal music mix that he developed for the club.

Over the past few years, Christian Brothers Academy has grown its music offerings substantially. One of this year’s new opportunities is the Music Production Club.

The club was born out of senior Eric Ticse’s desire to bring his interest to more CBA students. Ticse developed his music production skills during his time at home throughout the pandemic. When he connected with other Academy men with a similar interest, it was a no-brainer to ask to start a club.

“We are hoping that this club builds a bridge that connects all of these students and brings out the very creativity and confidence that produces amazing music,” Ticse said. “There’s a lot of talent in our school, and as a result, it’s our hope to bring out the best in each other and to turn that into something for the world to hear.”

Ticse had the perfect club moderator as well, Mr. Peyton Ouano ’15.

Ouano joined the computer science department last year, but also has a background in music production. He majored in Music Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology and has extensive knowledge in sound recording, audio post production, and other topics in audio engineering.

“This is a unique offering for CBA because it combines a creative topic in music with a technical topic in software and audio technology,” Ouano said. “The club also requires zero background in music or production from any student, so anyone interested could join and take part in the club.”

Meetings, which typically take place on Friday afternoons, involve plenty of listening. Students will listen to well-produced songs from popular and personal favorite artists. The group will discuss production techniques that stand out, while also learning an audio engineering technique that they can bring to their own productions.

There is also time for students to share their own at-home productions and gain constructive perspectives from fellow students.

Any interested student is encouraged to contact Mr. Ouano to get involved in the music production club.

Mr. Ouano demonstrating audio production techniques with studio grade speakers.
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