In 1965, the editors of CBA’s Yearbook, Pegasus, called special attention to the school seal. In their foreword, they wrote:
We, the editors of PEGASUS, see in the school seal the summation of spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical activities available at CBA. We hope that the significance of the seal will be impressed upon the characters of all the students and will be reflected in every sphere of endeavor they choose.
Indeed in near every aspect of our fair Academy’s history, the seal has served as a constant reminder of the tradition, fraternity, spirituality, and community of CBA.
The visual identity of the school – the seal, school logos and Colt mascot – have gone through many iterations over the years. Some changes have been more noticeable than others. Yet our school community’s commitment has remained the same: excellence in all areas of a young boy’s journey into manhood.
It is with that careful attention to identity and mission in mind that the Academy’s administration took to this most recent endeavor – the school’s first true brand design.
Working with a professional branding firm, faculty and staff, the administration sought to deliver a visual identity worthy of CBA’s great history. After nearly a year of fine-tuning, we are proud to present to you the new face of Christian Brothers Academy, which will begin being used this summer.
Stay tuned this summer for a behind-the-scenes look at the history and development of the CBA brand!