The performance season of yet another star-studded year came to an end last Saturday in Henderson Theater. Finishing up a seven-show run (which included a special sensory-friendly performance), “The Music Man” was met with rave reviews, stirring applause, and yet another shining moment for the cast and crew of Pegasus Production Company.

The completely student-run Company once again has given students a chance to step out of their comfort zone, grow in confidence, and become a part of a Company family and tradition.

With the conclusion of perfomances comes the beginning of awards season, and the highly-coveted “Pony Awards” held on campus. All are welcome to attend this red carpet event, which will feature cast & crew interviews, student-chosen award winners, and special performances of all kinds.

The 2017 Pony Awards
April 7th
Henderson Theater
~ formal attire ~ 

The nominees for the 2016-2017 “Pony Awards” are as follows:


Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor 
  • Benjamin Errechetti – as Cornelius Hackl
  • Jeremy Harris – as Harold Hill
  • Matt Markowski – as Horace Vandergelder
Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor 
  • Chris Coleman – as Marcellus
  • Matt Markowski – as Mayor Shinn
  • Ed Moresco – as Barnaby Tucker
Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress
  • Kayla Bevacqua – as Mrs. Molloy
  • Amanda DeStefano – as Dolly Gallagher
  • Sarah Frankel – as Marian Paroo
Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress
  • Kayla Bevacqua – as Mrs. Shinn
  • Amanda DeStefano – as Mrs. Paroo
  • Amanda Marino – as Flora VanHuysen
Outstanding Vocal Performance
  • Sarah Frankel – “Goodnight my Someone”
  • Jeremy Harris – “Trouble”
  • Quartet – “Lida Rose”
  • All Salesmen – “Rock Island”
Outstanding Improvement by a cast member 
  • Chris Coleman
  • Cecelia Heidelberger
  • Josh Lim
  • Mark Schmitt
Outstanding Special Effect
  • Firecracker in “4th of July” (Chris Waller)
  • Tomato Cans in “Matchmaker” (Chris Waller, Logan Ward)
  • Pool Ball Lights for “Trouble” (Logan Ward)
Outstanding Prop/Decoration Creation
  • Hat Shop Hats (Joey Broehl, Gillian Passarella, Carmine Falcone, Abby Becker)
  • Pocket Watches (Collin Swabsin)
  • Razor Blade (Collin Swabsin)
  • Wall paintings for Resturant (Marc Sorrentino, Sabrina Gao)
Outstanding Effort by a member of Stage Crew
  • Bridge Movement (Chris Mahedy, Connor Graeff)
  • Circulation Desk (Will DeNooyer)
  • City Scape in Hat Shop Window  (Sabrina Gao)
  • Music Man Backdrops  (Sabrina Gao, Marc Sorrentino)
  • Spinning Walls in Matchmaker (stage crew)
 Outstanding Effort by a House Crew Member
  • Chris Bonin
  • Bri Dwyer
  • Dan Nerbetski
  • Dom Squillaro
Outstanding Improvement by a crew member 
  • Johnny Abadir
  • Will DeNooyer
  • Noah Hoffman
  • Logan Ward
Outstanding Musical Performance
  • Ethan Bateman
  • Dan Berkowitz
  • Kel Hakim
  • Mike Werthmuller

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Creation or Design


  • Dolly Levi Outfits (Joey Broehl, Gillian Passarella, Carmine Falcone, Abby Becker)
  • Indian Costumes (Carmine Falcone, Joey Broehl, Abby Becker, Lilly McCann, Christina McLaughlin, Ed Moresco)
  • Mrs. Shinn 4th of July Outfit (Joey Broehl, Carmine Falcone, Christina McLaughlin)
  • Quick Change Excellence (Carmine Falcone, Joey Broehl, Abby Becker, Lilly McCann, Christina McLaughlin, Ed Moresco)
Outstanding Effort by Ensemble Members
  • Shane Hanney
  • Cavan Lynch
  • Robert Maes
  • Shannon Smith


About Pegasus Production Company:

CBA’s fully student-run theater company, Pegasus Production Company is composed of a family of both Acacemy and nearby high school students. Every year, the Company produces a fall play (last year, The Matchmaker), a spring musical, and several different smaller programs and initiatives in the community. Visit their webpage here.
Unlike most high school level programs, Pegasus is a truly student-run initiative. Every aspect, from set design and construction, to costumes and lighting, to sound and even production tech is managed entirely by the students.


About Christian Brothers Academy:

Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) is a private, Catholic, academic preparatory school for boys located in Lincroft, New Jersey. Founded in 1959 and taught in the Lasallian tradition, CBA is dedicated to helping students become intellectually mature and morally responsible leaders for society – awarding over $1.3 million in scholarships and financial aid to current students.