Scholars Program Applications Due May 6th

Once again, the Scholars Program is about to recruit its next generation of academic talent. The application for the Scholars Program is due on Monday, May 6th. All freshmen and sophomores with a GPA of 90 are encouraged to apply. The application can be found on the Freshman and Sophomore LMS under ‘post and Information.’

The Scholars Program was started by former History department chair Jeffrey Matson in 2011 and is now co-chaired by Mr. Andrew Cusick and Mrs. Therese Heidelberger. The purpose of the program is to allow students the opportunity to cultivate their own intellectual interests: each student, by senior year, presents a project of his design on a topic of his choosing. During the formative sophomore and junior years, students learn a variety of subjects across a wide variety of disciplines with the intent of stoking their own intellectual fires. Every member of the program presents their research to the faculty and their peers during senior year, and the top presentations are invited to present at the Scholars Colloquium at year’s end.

The Scholars Colloquium this year will take place on Sunday, May 19th at 5:00 p.m. Five seniors were invited to present this year:

Nick Hanlon–Statistical Analysis of Sports Gambling

Patrick Devine–One Surfboard for the Rest of your Life

William Walsh and Jon Memon–Automation

David Ham–The Psychology of Routine, Superstition, and Habit

Once again, the application for all freshmen and sophomores is due this coming Monday, May 6th. Any students or parents with questions should contact Mr. Cusick and Mrs. Heidelberger at and

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