Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Take Center Stage

Two meter egg drop in action.

In the annual showcase of the school’s science, technology and mathematics activities, Christian Brothers Academy held STEM Day on Wednesday, May 15th.

STEM subjects, which stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,” have become increasingly popular at CBA over the past few years, leading to a substantial increase in those courses offered at the Academy.

While the Academy remains committed to providing a holistic, well-rounded Lasallian education to its students, STEM is addressed in the curriculum through high-level math and science courses, as well as supplementary computer science courses.

Additionally, there are several STEM electives that students have the opportunity to take, including include Principles of Engineering, Robotics, Coding, Graphic Design, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Anatomy and Physiology, and Marine Biology.

On Wednesday, the freshmen and sophomore classes participated in the full day schedule of STEM activities. Faculty members led many of the activities, with assistance from the CBA Senior Scholars.

A successful wooden bridge built in two minutes to hold body weight.

The students were led in the following STEM presentations:

  • Engineering, Blimps, Submarines, and You – Thomas Greenwald ’18
  • Geometric Art – Mr. Reagan
  • Math in the Business World – Mr. Galeotafiore
  • Beat the Probabilities: Experimental vs Theoretical Probabilities – Mr. Cecilione
  • Creating Conic Sections – Mrs. Amato
  • “Basketball Math” … How’d We Do This Year? – Mr. Billet
  • How to Master the Game of Sudoku – Mr. Frake
  • Mobius Bands Forever (unorientable objects) – Mr. Gimbar
  • GPS and Computer Path finding – William Walsh ’19 (senior scholar)
  • Making You into a Normal Curve – Mrs. Richardson / Mrs. Slattery
  • Exploring the Cohesive and Adhesive Properties of Water – Mr. Orozco
  • Design and Build of Marshmallow Catapult – Mrs. Clark
  • Tower Design and Construction Building Challenge – Mrs. Heidelberger
  • Fingerprints and Characteristics, Fingerprinting Identification Challenge – Mrs. Dobrowolski
  • Observing the effects of rapid deceleration vs gradual deceleration of dropped eggs – Mr. Dashkavich
  • Building a Browser-Based Interactive Game with HTML5 and JavaScript – Mr. Tomaino
  • Mining and land reclamation simulation using cookies – Mrs. Bednarz
  • Classical and Operant Conditioning – Mr. Bare
  • Building temporary bridges made exclusively with wood – Mr. Hanley
  • The physics of throwing a perfect spiral – Mr. Middler

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