The Pony Awards are one of the ways that Pegasus Production Company recognizes its outstanding students. The adult moderators nominate students that have gone above and beyond in their work and who have exceeded the expectations of their various disciplines. Students then vote on the nominees and ultimately decide the winner.

The event featured a red carpet Q&A, company dinner, and a full-on awards show with guest performances and special recognitions.

The winners of the 2015-16 Pony Awards, by category, include:
Outstanding Performance – Lead Actor
Peter Martino
Outstanding Performance – Lead Actress
Taylor Bera
Outstanding Performance – Supporting Actor
Matthew Markowski
Outstanding Performance –Supporting Actress
Amanda DeStefano
Outstanding Vocal Performance
Michael Guarino
Outstanding Improvement – Cast
AJ Frigoletto
Outstanding Special Effect
All of Stage Crew – Shelock Holmes Scene Change
Outstanding Effort – Stage Crew
Brandon Castro, Ian Flebbe, Chris Mahedy – Sliding Wall
Outstanding Prop/Decoration
Nick Nowak – Sci Fi Club Poster
Outstanding Costume Design
Grace Zetkulic, Carmine Falcone – Leaf Coneybear Costume
Outstanding Effort – House Crew
James Devin
Outstanding Improvement – Crew
Kel Hakim
Outstanding Musical Performance
Matthew Jennings
Outstanding Understudy Performance
Travis Schuhardt
Outstanding Effort – Ensemble
Ed Nowak
2015 – 2016 Director’s Award (Outstanding Contribution to Pegasus Production Company)

Alex Kelly