Taking Full Advantage of Senior Year: Daniel Francis ’22 Remains Focused and Involved

An ever-focused young man, Daniel Francis ’22 has his sights on a very specific focus when he ultimately begins his college journey next fall.

“The Biomedical Engineering field is starting to grow in size and popularity,” Francis said. “It is a developing field where new advances are being made everyday.”

His interest in Biomedical Engineering has stemmed from his experiences in science while at CBA. Currently, he is taking AP Physics 2, after finishing AP Physics 1 as a junior, but admits that it initially wasn’t his first choice of classes.

“I’m not a big fan of physics whatsoever, but Mr. Dashkavich makes the material approachable. He teaches the material at a very personalized level, and as you get to know him, he really makes that subject enjoyable.”

While not yet committed to a college, Francis has targeted several schools with strong science and engineering programs for the next step in his educational journey. In addition to Biomedical Engineering, he has not ruled out a potential Pre-Med track once he arrives on whichever campus he chooses.

The search process has been aided by his relationship with the guidance office at CBA.

“They have shown me some unique, different schools that were not on my list at first. They have told me about the different majors and the expectations of each college. They are friendly and approachable, and really helped me dive into this whole process.”

Francis will have his choice of multiple great schools thanks to his well-rounded resume while at the Academy. In fact, many of his activities have culminated with big happenings over the past few weeks.

This year, he served as the varsity fencing team captain and one of the leaders of the Model UN group. Through both programs, he has been able to travel around New Jersey and the Northeast, while developing bonds with fellow students from multiple grade levels.

In early March, Francis served as co-Security General of the ninth annual Middle School Model UN Conference at the Academy. Francis and his fellow Model UN leaders organized and produced an eight-school conference that featured multiple different student debate sessions, all moderated by CBA students. This annual event came just weeks after Francis attended the Boston High School Model UN Conference, which is one of the largest Model UN gatherings in the nation.

“As a freshman, I could tell you that I didn’t know I was going to do all those things. But after going on trips and to meets, I have met such a wide variety of kids that I would have never crossed paths with in any other setting.”

With his leadership, the fencing team had one of the best seasons in program history this winter, spending time as the number one ranked team in New Jersey. In January, Francis won the clinching bout in a one-point victory over a talented Lawrenceville team, which ultimately propelled CBA to NJ.com’s number one ranking.

“The coaches here are very motivated and the upperclassmen that I knew taught me everything I know about the sport. As an individual, I have grown to love the sport and compete against some of the top people in the state, and that is a testament to the program.”

Francis gets geared up for a fencing match earlier this winter.

Just last month, he was also an inductee into the National Honor Society, validating his work in the classroom, out in the community, and within his extracurricular activities. CBA’s De La Salle Chapter has a commitment to scholarship, service, leadership, and character, all of which applicants are considered on.

“There are a lot of things that go into it. The service outside of the classroom is a big thing. Grades are one thing, but going out into the real world and creating meaningful, impactful change is important. That is a testament to the De La Salle Chapter’s commitment to service.”

As Francis’ time at CBA comes to a close, he reflects on understanding the true brotherhood of the Academy.

“Coming here, it really shows how complete strangers can become best friends. There is a wide diaspora of kids here, and coming to this school has allowed me to meet them, form connections with them, and bond with them, whether it is over academics, sports, other things outside the classroom, or going to the beach. That is something that I think is truly unique to this school.”

About Christian Brothers Academy:
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