Theater Alumni Deliver Summertime Laughs

Pegasus Theater, the sister extension to CBA’s Pegasus Production Company, concluded its successful run of Noises Off! last weekend.

With three showings on Friday through Sunday, crowds from Monmouth County and beyond were joined by CBA alumni who traveled from out of state to see the performance. Noises is the company’s most ambitious alumni production yet, bringing together over 35 CBA alumni to put on a production that was met with rave reviews.

Noises, revived on Broadway in 2016, is based around a theater company trying to rapidly run through their final dress rehearsal of their show, Nothing On, before the audience arrives. The comedy includes a wide variety of farcical characters which brought this play to life and audiences to tears of laughter.

Pegasus Theater began producing CBA alumni productions three years ago as a way of getting alumni to reconnect.

“It’s really been an amazing experience,” said Marcos Orozco ’01, director of both Pegasus Production Company and Pegasus Theater. “Three years ago, I remember sitting around seeing all these events for alumni within the CBA community. For our theater company, I never imagined it would have become this big, with alumni reaching out from across the country to support and traveling back to CBA every summer.  It’s a testament to the CBA and Pegasus alumni network and I hope that this show continues to grow as an annual tradition.”

Action will return to the Henderson Theater in September, as Pegasus Production Company will begin to rehearse for their fall show, John Bishop’s The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. Auditions for current students begin on September 12th.