Underclassmen Participate in CBA STEM Day

In a terrific showcase of the school’s science, technology and mathematics offerings, Christian Brothers Academy held its first STEM Day on Wednesday, May 16th.

STEM subjects, which stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,” has become increasingly popular at CBA over the past few years, leading to a substantial increase in those courses offered at the Academy.

The freshmen and sophomore classes participated in the full day schedule of activities. Faculty members led many of the activities, with assistance from the CBA Senior Scholars.

The students were led in the following STEM presentations:

  • Building Your Own Magnetic Drive (Mrs. Des Manatos and senior James Clabby)
  • Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria & How Quickly It Can Spread (Mr. Huvane and senior Matthew Tajanlangit)
  • Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans in Games of Strategy (Mr. Melosh and senior Dan Draganoff)
  • Rising Ocean Levels and Changing Climates: Will Your Hometown Be Underwater? (Mr. Frake and senior Michael Paduano)
  • The Physics of a Home-made Trebuchet (Mr. Mulligan and senior Brendan Fitzgerald)
  • The Mysteries of the Mobius Strip (Mr. Gimbar)
  • The Statistics of Basketball (Mr. Billet)
  • How to Make a Normal Curve out of Sophomores (Ms. Breen, Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Slattery)
  • Probability – Beating the Odds (Mr. Cecilione)
  • The Art of Geometry – Making Your Own Adult Coloring Book (Mr. Reagan)
  • Robotics Demonstration (Mr. Dashkavich)
  • Terminal Velocity via Parachutes (Mr. Hanley)
  • Water Olympics: Cohesion and Adhesion of Water (Mr. Orozco)
  • Forensics Using Fingerprint and Handwriting Analysis (Mrs. Dobrowolski)
  • Knowledge of the Cell (Mrs. Heidelberger)
  • Building Rocks Using Chocolate and Cookies (Mrs. Bednarz)
  • Center of Gravity (Mrs. Saulys)
  • Physics of Throwing a Football (Mr. Middler)
  • Understanding Acoustics (Mr. Bare)
  • How to Build Computer Programs (Mr. Tomaino)
  • Space Exploration Presentation
  • Wildlife Presentation


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