Being a lifelong learner is a habit best practiced early and often. With this in mind, the Spring Lyceum – now in its second year – was held in the final weeks of the school year, affording students a chance to sample college-level seminars.
The Spring Lyceum was created as a way to offer students the opportunity to learn about topics they might not typically experience in class, all while in an environment free of grades or deadlines. Each course was created and conducted by a teacher passionate about the subject-matter. Many underclassmen find themselves with extra free periods once their AP courses end, so the Lyceum offers them, and all other interested students, opportunities to pursue further learning during these periods.
Perhaps most impressive was that students were in no way, shape or form required to attend these lectures. The series was simply an offering to those students committed to pursuing their interests further.
“Our hope is to further foster our students’ enthusiasm to be lifelong learners by demonstrating the value of learning for the sake of learning,” said Associate Principal of Academic Affairs Sean Nunan.
This year’s offerings covered the full gambit of academia and industry, with several sessions of the following seminars:
Mrs. Belford
“Adulting 101: Finishing School for Men”
A hands-on workshop for poise, personal upkeep and self-reliance; including cooking, laundry, and dinner party etiquette tutorials.

Mr. Broehl

“Introduction to Linguistics and Language Learning”
A multi-lingual look into the study of our world’s languages and the benefits of such study.

Mrs. Cordero-Cinko

“Images of Latinos in Popular Media”
A chance for students to apply their knowledge of latino culture and explore how culture is molded, and at times morphed, by popular culture.

Mr. Cusick

“The Batman: America’s Odysseus”
A closer look into the caped crusader’s character, an American cultural icon that’s seen countless reiterations from comic book beginnings to more recent blockbuster features.

Mrs. Heidelberger

“Thinking Like An Engineer”
Step into the logic and decision-making utilized by thousands in one of our economy’s most integrated professions.

Mr. Higgins

“Rock and Roll: An American Story”
A true (red, white and) blue discussion of a major cultural music genre and its impact.

Mr. McCulloch

“Tales from the North: Viking History and Culture”
An insightful journey through the tales, lore, myths, and poetry of ancient Anglo and Norse culture.

Mr. Middler

“The Science of ‘Deflate-gate'”
An objective foray into the the workings behind one of the professional sports world’s most controversial stories.

Mr. Orozco

“Theater Workshop: Acting, Public Speaking, and More”
Run by the faculty director of Pegasus Production Company, this Lyceum course focused on giving students an inside look at the world of theater.

Mr. Tomaino

“Shore Oceanography and Ocean Safety – Rip Currents to Epic Swells and hoe to stay afloat and alive”
A practical tutorial on summertime skills that could end up saving your life.
In the year to come, the Lyceum will continue to deliver interesting and enlightening classes and tutorials. New graduates and alumni alike are invited to attend once course offerings are posted.