Young Alumni Speak About CBA and College Experiences

When four young Christian Brothers Academy alumni jump on a Zoom call together, the camaraderie and synergy in the conversation is evident.

Four young alumni participated in a roundtable interview with Mr. Jason Lutz, director of communications:

  • Nick DeMuria – Class of 2016
    • University of Richmond – Dual Major in History & Classical Civilizations
    • CBA resume included: varsity rugby, Pegasus Productions stage crew, Brazilian ju-jitsu, CBA ambassador, and Model UN
  • Drake Anzano – Class of 2017
    • Princeton University – History Major
    • CBA resume included: varsity cross country, varsity track & field
  • Jack Butterfield – Class of 2018
    • Providence College – History Major and Business Innovations Minor
    • CBA resume included: Student Council, CBA Digital Network broadcasting, Academy Torch newspaper, Model UN, and tennis
  • Chris Wright – Class of 2019
    • George Washington University – Business Administration Major and Political Science Minor
    • CBA resume included: Pipes and Drums Band, Junior Statesmen of America, FBLA club, Mock Trial, Jazz Band, Yearbook, and Diversity Council

During the conversation, the group touched on their CBA memories, transition to college, specific college experience, and even gave some advice to current CBA seniors and underclassmen. Check out the breakdown below, click the time listed, and listen in on your topic of choice… or the entire roundtable above!

  • Minute 0:00 / Introduction of the Young Alumni
  • Minute 1:05 / CBA Memories on Academics, Social Life
  • Minute 5:18 / Chris Wright ’19 on his best CBA senior year memories
  • Minute 8:32 / Transition from CBA to college
  • Minute 16:28 / Nick DeMuria ’16 on completing his college career at Richmond
  • Minute 18:00 / Drake Anzano ’17 talks about going to school in-state
  • Minute 19:50 / Chris Wright ’19 on going to school in a big city (Washington, DC)
  • Minute 22:25 / Nick DeMuria ’16 speaks about his major and job search
  • Minute 28:00 / Advice for CBA seniors from Nick DeMuria ’16
  • Minute 30:10 / Advice for CBA underclassmen from Chris Wright ’19
  • Minute 31:29 / Advice for CBA seniors from Jack Butterfield ’18
  • Minute 32:45 / Advice for CBA underclassmen from Drake Anzano ’17
  • Minute 34:30 / Each panelist gives their favorite CBA memory
  • Minute 39:10 / Each panelist gives their ONE word to describe the CBA experience
About Christian Brothers Academy:
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