The CBA Scholarship Initiative

Named Annual Scholarships

Named annual scholarships are funded directly by donors who undertake a four-year commitment to make yearly gifts at any of the levels described below. These funds are applied directly to the costs of educating qualified, deserving students at Christian Brothers Academy.

Annual Partial Scholarship (Unrestricted Eligibility)
$2,500 YEARLY ($10,000 TOTAL GIFT)
Scholarships with unrestricted eligibility are applied to the
tuition expenses of students who meet CBA’s academic
and need-based standards. These scholarships offer CBA
the broadest flexibility to award funding to deserving,
qualified students as needed.

Annual Partial Scholarship (Specified Eligibility)
$5,000 YEARLY ($20,000 TOTAL GIFT)
With a scholarship funded at this level, the advancement office 
will work with the donor to establish particular criteria for this
scholarship according to their specific interests. Specific
interests may include supporting one student for four years
or a new student every year; and criteria may include
merit, financial need, service, or a specific category of student. 

Annual Full Scholarship
$15,000 YEARLY ($60,000 TOTAL GIFT)
Donors who would like name a scholarship that covers the
full tuition, books, and fees of an individual student, may select
this option. The advancement office will work with donors to establish 
eligibility criteria for this scholarship according to their specific interests.