Mothers’ Club

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Mothers’ Club is to encourage cooperation in promoting the welfare and progress of Christian Brothers Academy by:

  • Aiding in school activities and services as requested or approved by the school.
  • Helping financially in whatever way the school administration considers desirable.
  • Uniting our members in the closest bonds of good fellowship and promoting the community interest in CBA.


Benilde Hall, 2nd Floor
Open Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 3:00-6:00pm

The Colt Consignment is accepting donations of shirts, pants, ties, blue blazers, and belts – dry cleaned on hangers. Items may be dropped off in the bin on the porch of Benilde Hall. Please send all emails to Clare at


Tuesday, November 9th | 7:30 PM 


Alumni Representative

Moms of alumni sons that are interested in staying in touch with the mothers’ club can do so by contacting the alumni representative and having their information on the alumni members’ roster. The representative maintains the roster and is involved in the mothers’ club craft show and other events.


Lisa Murray (

Alumni Craft Show

This one day craft show is held the first Saturday in March, hosted by the CBA Alumni Moms. Approximately 50 volunteers (both current and alumni parents) are needed for:

  • Decorating
  • Admissions
  • Raffle Sales
  • Kitchen help
  • Clean up


Lorraine Connolly (
Kathy Plath (

Casino Night


Paula McKeon (

Marybeth Kwapniewski (


All school dances are held on Friday nights and run from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. (the proms are a bit longer).  Couples are especially welcome to chaperone because there is usually a shortage of males to check the men’s room!  There are frequently more than 1,000 people at any given school dance, so there is little chance your son will even notice you are there.  Refreshments are provided at all dances for chaperones, and those who help with the proms enjoy the dinner as well. Chaperones assist with:

  • Coat check before and after the dance
  • Checking bathrooms
  • Monitoring exterior doors and general crowd control

In the past, dances have been scheduled as follows:  Exact dates will be available when the school calendars are distributed.

General School Dance
15-20 chaperones needed

General School Dance
15-20 chaperones needed

Freshman/Sophomore semi formal
5+ chaperones needed

Senior Prom & Junior Prom
5+ Junior Parents needed


Nancy Gray (

Colt Consignment Shop

Open Wednesdays during the Spring semester from

2 PM – 6 PM
Benilde Hall (directly across from main school building entrance)


Clare Mogyoros (
Christina DeSanctis (
Dawn Ferro (
Hope Olenyik (

Fall Luncheon & Gift Raffle

This is the first major fundraiser of the year and is a Ladies Sunday afternoon luncheon held at the Shore Casino in Atlantic Highlands.  The event is held on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of October and is attended by more than 600 ladies.  Along with the wonderful luncheon there is a gift raffle with approximately 200 gifts ranging in value from $50 to $1500.

Approximately 75 volunteers will be needed for:

  • Soliciting businesses for the gift raffle
  • Decorating
  • Assembling favors and centerpieces
  • Selling raffle tickets at the Luncheon

Committees for this event begin their work in the summer.


MaryAnn Dooling (
Stacey Krall (

Freshman Welcome

This function is held early in June to welcome incoming freshman moms into the CBA community. The duties include:

  • Sending out invitations
  • Coordinating the refreshments and decorating for the evening
  • Providing signup sheets and informational opportunities for those moms who wish to become actively involved


Tara Langan (


This committee provides the refreshments for monthly mothers’ club meetings and various school events throughout the year. The refreshments are simple: cookies, sandwiches, fruit platters, coffee, tea and soda.  All refreshments are purchased from local vendors – no cooking or baking is expected from the committee members.


Collen McGuire (
Lisa Hansen (
Mary Ann Frankenburg (


This committee is responsible for getting legislative information pertaining to the CBA community to the parents of CBA.  You may be asked to send postcards or e-mails and make phone calls to our legislators to help protect against any loss of funding to non-public schools, (i.e. funds for busing and technology).  This committee will work with the telephone/email committee, the school office and the N.J. Alliance of Catholic School Families on an as needed basis.


Karen Iturralde (

Mother/Son Dinner

This is a very special spring event in which the CBA boys escort their mothers to a lovely dinner complete with a small gift auction and raffle. This committee, consisting of between 10 and 15 moms, organizes the evening by:

  • Working with the catering hall
  • Accepting reservations
  • Decorating tables
  • Collecting donation for gift baskets
  • Organizing a 50/50 raffle

There is a photographer available to capture the special moment with Mother and Son, as many moms have enjoyed comparing the photos from year to year.


Sherilyn Przelomski (
Janice Attardi (


Every two months, from September to May, the mothers’ club publishes an on-line newsletter.  The newsletter includes a letter from the President of CBA, the mothers’ and fathers’ club presidents, along with information regarding service and various ministries.  This committee sends out reminders of deadlines, request and gathers information for publication, edits, and produces the newsletter.


Cathy Kruse (


The photography committee helps capture moments from Mothers’ Club events throughout the year.


Cynthia Wallace (

Prayer Group

Our prayer group consists of current and alumni moms who gather once a week in the school chapel for approximately one hour. It is time spent with God and sharing the power of prayer. Each week differs. It’s not mandatory to attend every session. Please note parking is available in the lot outside the school’s main entrance. We will first meet in the main office to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge. The Prayer Group meets every Tuesday at 11:30 am. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to sign in. All are welcome! Contact the chairperson for more details.

Chairperson: Tina Straley (


This lovely day is meant to be a day of reflection, prayer and sharing for CBA Moms and Alumni Moms.  It is held during the Lenten Season at the San Alphonse Retreat House in Long Branch.  The day runs from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and includes the celebration of Mass.  The committee chairperson coordinates the speaker, the Priest, interacts with the San Alphonse Retreat House and accepts the reservations.


Christine Wilkins Condon (

Tuition Raffle

This committee organizes and administers the annual tuition raffle, which is drawn at the annual father/son breakfast held in March.  One lucky family receives full year tuition!


Kim Askin (


Beth Caruso
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Vice President
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Communications Officer
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Past President
Lisa Murray
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