How To Play (begins Tuesday, March 12th):

  • Donate and earn 1 point for your class total per round (min. $10 donation, one donation per round).
  • Classes who hit Donation mega-marks & Participation marks earn bonus points.*
  • Rally your classmates to donate and advance to the Sweet 16!
    *Bonus points are available throughout the competition. Each bonus mark equals five points. Donation mega-marks begin at $500 and increase by denominations of $250. Participation marks begin at 10 participants and increase by denominations of five.

The top 16 classes will then advance to the “Sweet Sixteen” round on Wednesday. The top four will advance to the Championship on Thursday. The top four classes are invited FREE OF CHARGE to a celebration at the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten in June.


Final Results:

  1. 1984 – 217 points
  2. 1982 – 102 points
  3. 1995 – 90 points
  4. 1971 – 57 points

The March Madness Giving Challenge has ended. Congratulations to the Class of 1984 on defending their championship.


Check out the live participation chart featuring all our graduating classes!