Over 60 Years of Academic Excellence

“For many years, it has been a constant hope and dream that this area would be blessed with an outstanding Catholic day school for boys on the high school level.”

The above quote was written over 60 years ago, when plans were put in motion to establish a Catholic high school for young men here in Monmouth County. Thanks to the vision of our founders–John Henderson, Peter Fleming, and George Sheehan–along with the support of our benefactors, that dream became a reality. On September 14, 1959, six Brothers welcomed the first class of students to Christian Brothers Academy.

Much has happened since that time. The Brothers, along with our dedicated faculty and staff, have offered a well-rounded education to over 11,000 young men. Our mission is to help the students become intellectually mature and morally responsible leaders in our Church and society.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle… Pray for Us!
Live Jesus in Our Hearts… Forever!