Planned Gifts to Christian Brothers Academy, large or small, help to ensure that a Lasallian education remain steadfast and that qualified and deserving students throughout the area can attend CBA regardless of their economic background.

A planned gift is a way to leave a lasting legacy that will help sustain CBA’s future, and make a compelling statement about the values that are important to you!

There are many kinds of planned gifts, each of which offers distinct opportunities and advantages for both you and CBA.

There are other options as well, including options that can be structured to provide income during your lifetime and to your family ongoing.

        “I have witnessed the impact of a CBA education on the lives of thousands of young men over the thirty-plus years I have been associated with the Academy.  I firmly believe that the values – religio, mores, cultura – that serve as the motto of CBA are a necessary factor in preparing leaders to have a positive impact on the world.

        It must be the dream of all of us who are committed to the Lasallian values of faith and education, as embodied at our beloved Christian Brothers Academy, that the Academy will withstand the test of time and forge leaders for generations to come participation in the Legacy Society helps to make that dream a reality.  This is a reality that I am happy to put my name on, allowing my personal legacy to be permanently woven into the fabric of Christian Brothers Academy.”

– Rev. Garry R. Koch

A member of CBA’s Theology Department from 1982-2018, Garry was known to several thousand students as “Doc Koch”.  he was ordained to the priesthood on June 1, 2013 and is currently the pastor of St. Benedict located in Holmdel, NJ.

John and Josephine Anderson have been contributors to CBA for many years.  They have established a scholarship endowment fund that provides a $1,000 scholarship to a qualified student each year.  The Anderson’s have established a Charitable Gift Annuity and invite you to join them.

        “It has been a “few years” since I took Joey to the 1967 CBA Senior Prom. At this point in our lives, retired and enjoying grandchildren, making investments that support institutions important to us while providing annual income is a win-win proposition. By establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with CBA as we have with a number of other institutions, we have the opportunity to direct our assets without having to burden the estate process. We gain a fair return on our contribution and CBA now has a clearer picture of its long term financials.  As an added benefit, there are favorable tax implications.  Finally, recent statistics show that whose who have a Charitable Gift Annuity live longer.”

– John E. Anderson ’67

While CBA cannot provide legal, financial or tax advice (for that you should contact your financial or legal advisor), we can work with you and your advisors to create a giving plan that honors your generosity.

The Advancement Office can provide you with additional information on any or all of these options and will gladly assist you confidentially and with no obligation.

If you are considering a legacy gift to CBA, we invite  you to contact:

Bill Attardi

Director of Advancement

732-747-1959 ext. 223

Donors who include Christian Brothers Academy in their estate plans or arrange for other planned gifts to CBA are recognized in the Signum Fidei Society. “The Sign of Faith” is emblematic of our founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, and the Brothers of the Christian Schools.  Through their thoughtful and generous gift planning, Signum Fidei Society Members listed below are leaving a legacy to benefit future generations of Academy Men.


View members of the Signum Fidei Society


John E. Anderson ’67

Mark G. Brennan ’82

Very Rev. Gary J. Breton & Mary Buletza

Sean Duffy ’70

James J. Finnerty ’84

John A. Giunco ’70

Kevin and Lisa Golding

Joan F. Hall*

Mark D. Hall ’71

Michael R. and Phyllis M. Hayes *

Diane Hawkins

Gregory M. Henderson ’70*

Rev. Garry R. Koch

Robert J. Kortenhaus ‘7

Robert R. Lewis ’83

Thomas G. Ley ’77

Eileen McCasey*

Carol Ann McKay*

Matthew R. McGovern ’81

William D. Moss ’75

William J. Oakley, Jr. ’63*

Brendan T. O’Connor ’72

James L. Schwartz ’70

Janet S. Peters*

Eleanor M. Pfaff*

John Thomas Quigley*

Beatrice A. Reilly

Daniel* and Helen Pinogatti

Joseph R. Tort, Sr. ’76