Colt PLUS Program

Application Process & Fees

The Colt PLUS Program serves a very specific type of student and enrollment is limited. Success in CBA’s college preparatory curriculum demands not only academic ability and achievement but also the motivation to succeed.  All students interested in the Colt PLUS program must also follow the traditional CBA application process.

  • Entrance Exam – $100 Fee *extra time may be granted if an existing educational plan is shown to the Learning Consultant prior to the exam. This must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the Entrance Exam in order to be considered. The student’s current educational plan can be uploaded to the Applicant Portal at time of exam registration.
  • CBA Online Application – Fee included with Entrance Exam fee. Please check off the box in your Parent Portal for your son’s application that indicates his interest in the Colt PLUS Program
  • In-depth individual admission testing conducted by the Learning Consultant including a student interview – $500 fee
  • Following receipt of your interest in the evaluation and supporting documents, Ms. Colannino will contact you. She will schedule an appointment for your son’s in-depth individual admission testing and student interview – Additional fee applies