About CBA

CBA At a Glance

Christian Brothers Academy is a private, Catholic, academic college-preparatory school for boys in grades 9 through 12, conducted by the Brothers of the Christian Schools with the collaboration of a caring and distinguished lay faculty.

The Academy is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and a member of the Christian Brothers Educational Association, the National Catholic Education Association and the National Education Association. CBA was one of the first schools to be cited as an exemplary secondary school by the U.S. Department of Education in 1983. CBA exercises its educational mission under the aegis of the Bishop of the Trenton Diocese.

Christian Brothers Academy admits students who have graduated from or been promoted from the eighth grade. It does not discriminate on the basis of color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions, athletic and other school-administered programs. CBA is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational institution.

2017 Graduate Outcomes

Total Class Size

265 Students

$23,576,000 in College Academic Scholarships

Amount Awarded to the Class of 2017

Note: This does not reflect athletic scholarships, grants in aid, work study, Pell Grants or any other pay back loans.

64% of Students

Percentage who received Merit-based Scholarships

Post-Graduate Destinations

  • Four-Year Colleges: 97%
  • Two-Year Colleges: 2%
  • Prep Schools: 1%

Graduates will attend 108 colleges in 27 states and the District of Columbia.


# of students who will continue their sport at the collegiate level


2016 National Merit Competition Commended Students


2016 National Merit Competition Finalists

AP Stats 2016-17

  • 229 students took at least one AP class.
  • 498 AP exams were administered.
  • 76% of total AP students achieved a 3 or higher.
  • The Campus

    Christian Brothers Academy is located on 157 acres in the town of Lincroft, a suburban area located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It is located approximately 2½ miles west of Exit 109 on the Garden State Parkway.

  • The School

    Founded in 1959, Christian Brothers Academy is an independent, four-year, Catholic, college-preparatory high school for young men, teaching grades 9 through 12. Current enrollment is 1007 students.

  • The Faculty

    The Academy is directed by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, in association with a lay faculty of 70 men and women, most of whom hold advanced degrees in their field.

    The student-teacher ratio is 12:1.

  • The Accreditation

    Christian Brothers Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. In 1984, CBA was among the first 60 schools selected nationally by the US Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School.

  • The Admissions Criteria

    Incoming students are accepted on the basis of a competitive entrance examination score, their elementary school records, and previous teachers’ recommendations.

  • The Curriculum

    The school day is divided into eight 40-minute periods. The academic year is divided into 2 semesters, each consisting of 2 marking periods. Every semester course culminates with a comprehensive examination, equal to a full marking period grade.

    To become an Academy graduate, students must amass a minimum of 120 credits. All students take:

    • 4 years of Religious Studies
    • 4 years of English
    • 3 years of History
    • 3 years of Science (including 2 years of lab science)
    • 3 years of Foreign Language
    • 3 years of Mathematics
    • 3 years of Heath/Physical Education
    • 1½ years of Computer Science

    Additionally, students must complete 50 hours of community service.

  • The Class of 2016
    • 265 seniors graduated in 2016.
    • 94% of graduates enrolled in a 4-year college curriculum.
    • Mean SAT Critical Reading, Math & Writing scores (607, 636, and 619).
    • There were 2 National Merit Finalists and 16 National Merit Commended Students.
  • The Pass/Fail Courses
    The following courses meet only once or twice each week, and are graded Pass (P, P+) or Fail (F):
    • Heath
    • Physical Education
    • Math Team
    • Science Team
    • The Volunteer Program
    • Freshman Computer

    Note: Pass/Fail courses are omitted from GPA computation.

  • Determining GPA

    A student’s grade point average is determined each semester. Only grades earned at CBA are used to compute a student’s GPA. Pass/Fail courses are omitted from the GPA computation.

  • Determining Course Grades
    The Academy uses a weighted numerical grading system. 70% (C) is the minimum grade necessary to receive academic credit. It is the policy at Christian Brothers Academy that a student must have a C(70%) average in each subject to continue at the Academy the following year, or to graduate. A grade of D(65%-69%) is considered unsatisfactory, and is not assigned academic credit. The grading scale is as follows:
    F=0.0(64 and below)

    Weighted grades are entered for each subject on report cards and transcripts. Earned grades are weighted according to the following table:
    Course TypeWeighting Factor
    Accelerated (ACC) or
    Advanced Placement (AP)1.10
    Honors (H)1.05
    Standard (S)1.00
  • Computation of GPA
    1. For each course, multiply the weighted grade (see above) by the number of credits to get grade points for that course.
    2. Add together all the grade points earned.
    3. Divide the total of grade points (from step 2) by the number of credits for all courses)
  • Academic Honors

    First Honors are awarded to a student with a GPA of at least 92, with no weighted grade below 85.

    Second Honors are awarded to a student with a GPA of at least 86, with no weighted grade below 80.
  • Class Rank

    Given the quality of our student body, and the rigorous college-preparatory curriculum of study, students are not ranked.

  • GPA Distribution

    The cumulative GPA frequency for the first six semesters of the class of 2015 are as follows:


    GPA RangeStudents in Range
    A (90+)61
    B (80-89)122
    C (70-79)43
    D/F (below 70)0
  • The Program of Studies
    Algebra I †Health
    AP GeographyLatin †
    Biology †Physical Education
    English †Religious Studies
    French †Service Program
    Geometry †Spanish†
    Geometry-Algebra II ‡Computer Seminar
    World History
    AP ChemistryHealth
    AP World HistoryLatin †
    Algebra II-Trigonometry †Math Team
    Chemistry †Physical Education
    Computer Science †Religious Studies †
    English †Service Program
    French †Spanish †
    Geometry †Trigonometry-Analysis ‡
    Geometry-Algebra II ‡US History I †
    Algebra II-Trigonometry †Health
    AP American HistoryIntro to Physics
    AP Calculus ABLatin †
    AP Calculus BCMarine Biology
    AP Computer Science ABMath Team
    AP Physics 1Physical Education
    AP SpanishPhysics
    CalculusPre-Calculus †
    College Algebra†Religious Studies †
    Creative Writing†Science Team
    English †Service Program
    Environmental Issues
    Spanish †
    Film Study
    Trigonometry-Analysis ‡
    French †US History II †
    Group Guidance

    Courses so marked have Honors and Standard tracks
    ‡ Courses so marked have Accelerated tracks as well as Standard. All students particular in a Summer Reading Program by grade level.
    American GovernmentDifferential Equations
    Anatomy & PhysiologyEnglish
    AP Art HistoryEnvironmental Issues
    AP BiologyFrench †
    AP Calculus AB/BCGURU Religious Studies†
    AP ChemistryGraphic Design
    AP Computer ScienceJournalism
    AP EconomicsInternational Relations
    AP English LanguageLatin †
    AP English LiteratureLinear Algebra
    AP Environmental ScienceMarine Biology
    AP European HistoryMath Team
    AP LatinPhysical Education/Health
    AP Physics CPopular American Music
    AP Physics 2
    Pre-Calculus †
    AP PsychologyPsychology
    AP SpanishReligious Studies †
    AP StatisticsScience Team
    Anglo & Norse Mythology
    Service Program
    ArabicSpanish †
    Calculus †Studies in Alt. Narratives
    Christian ServiceSurvey of Music
    College AlgebraTwentieth Century History
    College WritingU.S. Civil War
  • National Merit Scholarship Program
    Results for the class of…
    Class Size229220233222222
    Students Tested229220233222222
    Commended Students712111112
  • SAT Scores

    Results for the school year…

    Class Size229220233222222
    Students Tested218227220233222
    Mean SAT Critical Reading617587588595587
    Mean SAT Math610614600625622
    Mean SAT Writing598586592607597
    Mean Composite SAT18251787180018271806
    Median SAT Critical Reading580580590590600
    Median SAT Math610605620620640
    Median SAT Writing580580600590620
    Median Composite SAT17701765181018001860
    Mean SAT Critical Reading495495495499501
    Mean SAT Math514516517522523
    Mean SAT Writing497497499500502
    Mean Composite SAT15061508151115211526
    Median SAT Critical Reading501497496496497
    Mean SAT Math516514514514513
    Mean SAT Writing492489488488487
    Mean Composite SAT15091500149814981497
  • SAT Scores: Mid 50%

    Results for the class of…

    Critical Reading530-640530-650540-650530-640550-650


    under 5002420262425192413178
  • Scholarships

    Results for the class of…

    Academic Merit-Based Scholarships (awarded solely on academic achievement)

    Number of Students185160174162177
    Percent of Class81%73%75%73%80%
    Total Dollars (millions)$23,682$17,566$25,800$25,800$32,400

Graduate Profile

We have the following expectations for every student who graduates from the Academy:

A Man of Knowledge

  • The CBA graduate will have an intellectual, spiritual, and social foundation in the teachings of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.
  • He will have a level of literacy that reflects both deep and original thought
  • He will demonstrate literacy in his writing as well as fluency in his speech.
  • He will have a global perspective and local awareness of intolerance, social and environmental issues.
  • He will be aware of America’s unique position in an interdependent world.

A Man of Faith

  • The CBA graduate will be mindful of God’s presence within himself and others.
  • He will demonstrate self-discipline, seek out responsibility, and embrace personal accountability in his studies.
  • He will conduct himself with confidence, security and compassion, and not arrogance, haughtiness or condescension.

A Man of Action

  • The CBA graduate will foster a lifestyle of compassion, justice, and love.
  • He will contribute actively to the virtue of the world as well as to its power.
  • He will conduct his studies with academic integrity.
  • He will pursue learning as an active, lifelong process.
  • He will think critically, competently, and ethically.
  • He will apply what he has learned to his life.