The CBA Difference

“Builders of Boys, Makers of Men”

The above quote was the original slogan used by the Brothers in 1959 when the Academy opened, and it is still true to this day. For over 60 years, young men have enthusiastically entered the halls of CBA ready to both give more to, and gain more from, their high school experience.

The mission of Christian Brothers Academy is to develop intellectually mature and morally responsible leaders. Drawing from the ethos of the founder of the Brothers and patron saint of teachers, St. John Baptist de La Salle, CBA is a place that not only imparts knowledge, but transforms adolescent boys into Christian gentlemen of strong moral character, who are aware of the larger world and ready to responsibly serve in society. Excellent academics and diverse extracurricular programs are an indisputable part of this, but it is the totality of the education, the development of the whole person; spirit, mind, and body to which CBA is uniquely suited.

From Day One, the young Men of the Academy are:

  • Challenged by the rigorous academic curriculum and asked to strive for more than even they realize they can achieve.
  • Challenged to build an ethic of virtue rooted in Catholic, Lasallian values.
  • Challenged to exit their comfort zone and participate in the diverse experiences offered, in order to best identify and develop their own unique gifts and talents.
  • Challenged to face adversity and perhaps failure, but to recover and learn from such experiences.
  • Challenged to develop the Zeal and Vigilance to build themselves so as to be able to build others.

Students’ efforts are guided by the diligence of the caring and dedicated teachers, mentors, coaches, guidance counselors, and staff of the CBA community. St. John Baptist de La Salle challenges all Lasallian Educators to touch the minds, but to also “touch the hearts” of students.