Spiritual retreats are an integral element of each student’s personal development. Every student is required to engage in a retreat each year at the Academy.

The Freshman Retreat is an introduction to the teachings of De La Salle, which takes place the week before school begins. Freshmen are led by our senior Gurus during a day of meeting classmates, learning about CBA and our founding principles, getting a tour of our facilities, and taking part in the “Freshman Challenge.” Freshman Retreats are run by CBA’s Campus Minister, Mr. Matt Butler, the GURU instructor Mr. Robert O’Connor, and freshman guidance counselor Brother Joseph Brienza.

Sophomore Retreats are directed by Ms. Catherine Joanne Yavarone, the Spiritual Director at St. Joseph’s Dwelling Place in Ludlow, Vermont. The theme of the retreat is “Remembering that we are in God’s Holy Presence.”  St. John Baptist de La Salle asked his Brothers to repeat the phrase, “Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God,” every time they crossed a threshold. This retreat focuses on recognizing God’s presence in our lives in both transcendent moments and deeply personal ways.

Our Junior and Senior Retreats are led by Father Paul Wierichs, a Passionist priest whose collaborated with CBA for over twenty years. The junior retreat traditionally occurs late in the junior year; the senior retreat early in the senior year. As such, they are seen as two parts of an extended retreat. The focus is on entering society as a good Christian gentleman. The junior retreat is an on-campus, day-long event; the senior retreat is an off-campus overnight retreat.