Requirements Defined

Understanding each Admissions Requirement

Application: This is to be completed by the student. In addition to basic family information, we want to get to know each student as an individual.

Personal Statement: The 3 questions in this section give students the opportunity to share with the Admissions Committee details about their interests and service experience.

Tell us about yourself: What do you like doing? What do you hope to be involved in at CBA? Tell us in the space provided in this section on your Applicant Checklist!

Official Transcript: This is the official record of your son’s grades in middle school. We ask for 6th & 7th grade transcripts and any updated 8th grade information at the time of submission. This is included in the “School Recommendation and Record Request” form- the individual you send that email request to will upload the transcripts to submit to CBA.

Entrance Exam: CBA administers an Entrance Exam for incoming 9th grade students. This test is an assessment of students’ basic knowledge in English, Mathematics, Quantitative Reasoning, Language and Verbal Skills. There is a $100 exam and application fee, payable upon registration for the exam.

School Report: In your Application Checklist, you will see “School Recommendation and Records Release.” This form is to be emailed to the individual at your son’s middle school responsible for sending records to high schools. This is likely your son’s School Counselor or the Counseling Office in general- please check with your son’s middle school as to the appropriate person to receive this form electronically. A school official will fill out the form and send it directly to us by the deadline. This form helps us to better understand your school history and academic performance.

Teacher Recommendation: The CBA Admissions Committee encourages you to have a teacher write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. This letter tells us more about you, beyond what your grades can say, because it’s written by a teacher who knows what kind of student you are. The recommendation link is in your Applicant Checklist as “Teacher Recommendation” and should be emailed to a teacher you have first asked in person to write this letter.