2019-2020 Scholarship Program

We are pleased that you are interested in learning about scholarship opportunities at CBA. Whether you are a future freshman or a current student, you’re at the right place to explore your educational and award options.

The CBA Scholarship Program is a resource for incoming and current students seeking scholarship funding. The mission of the program is to help make CBA a more affordable option for outstanding students by providing a wide array of school-sponsored and externally funded scholarships. From the James L. Schwartz Memorial Scholarship for Performing Arts to the Brother Patrick Higgins Memorial Scholarship for Science and Technology, CBA offers a full complement of scholarship opportunities. To apply for a scholarship, students must meet eligibility requirements and submit the appropriate application and documentation (if specified) by set deadlines. Deadlines may vary by specific scholarship; please note the deadline dates on each application.

The scholarships on the pages below are those which are available for the 2019/2020 school year – both for students to submit an application for as well as those which do not require an additional application. Please click on the appropriate link to read more information about the scholarships you may be eligible for – make sure to read the criteria closely. A student may apply for as many scholarships as he chooses and for which he is eligible, but no student will be awarded more than one direct application scholarship. Incomplete applications will not be considered.